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Are the stars really keeping the best weight loss program a secret from the rest of us?

Last year, one of the most popular search terms on both Google and Yahoo was Paris Hilton. A quick review of the top 500 searches for last year reveals inquiries on other celebrities too, such as Jenny McCarthy, Tara Reid, Shakira and Tyra Banks. Why are we, as a country, so fascinated with celebrities?

One of the reasons we're interested in the stars is because, simply stated, they seem to have some magical ability to lose weight with zero effort.

There are thousands, even millions, of people trying to find out how celebrities achieve fast weight loss when it's so difficult for the rest of us. Celebrities look so good, so often, that many of us are left wondering if the stars are really keeping the best weight loss program a secret from the rest of the world.

We can almost picture celebrities like Hilary Duff, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez meeting in a clandestine bunker somewhere, ready to share with each other the top-secret diet plan or diet product nobody else knows about. Only top-notch celebrities can apply for membership in this private club, and getting in is harder than finding games cheat codes for the new XBOX 360.

Celebrities Have Some Advantages:

While we doubt that the stars have a secret society where they learn about the best diet program and weight loss plan available, it is true that celebrities do have some advantages that we don't when it comes to diet and weight control. For example, the stars typically have more time than we do. Life & Style Weekly recently reported (January 9, 2006) that Jessica Simpson exercised two hours each day, six days per week to prepare for her Daisy Duke role. Few of us have that kind of time.

Celebrities also have more money than we do, which means they can afford every weight loss product and weight loss program on the market. Carmen Electra, Jenna Jameson, Pamela Anderson and other celebrities have the disposable income to hire personal trainers and personal chefs, giving them a distinct advantage over other weight watchers like us.

Other than the advantages of having more time and money to help them achieve quick weight loss, do celebrities have any classified fat loss tricks? They must! Take a look at Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry, or Madonna for example. If they don't have some secret diet pill or weight loss pill they're using, then how do they achieve those results?

The Secret Celebrities Use To Lose Weight Fast:

The easy weight loss secret that the celebrities are keeping from us is that (drum roll, please) there is no secret! Sure, the stars may have more money and time than we do, but their weight loss information is the exact same stuff we have! With very few exceptions, the celebrities that look the best got that way with a healthy diet and regular weight loss exercise. It's true that some stars have tried a fat burner, a weight loss drug, a diet patch or even weight loss surgery but for the most part, celebrities work hard at natural weight loss through exercise, diet and nutrition.

Jennifer Aniston is a great example of how celebrities maintain a healthy weight with exercise. "She shed several pounds and toned up doing Budokon (a combo of martial arts, yoga and meditation) and yoga three times a week" (Source: Life & Style Weekly; January 9, 2006).

Lindsay Lohan "....regained her toned curves by enlisting personal trainer Justin Gelband to lead thrice-weekly workouts involving free weights, cardio, Pilates and sit-ups" (Source: Life & Style Weekly; January 9, 2006).

Another great example of a celebrity using diet and exercise to achieve her good looks is Jessica Alba, who eats several small, healthy meals a day. She also hits the gym five days each week, doing (among other things) circuit training.

Many other celebrities have passed on the fad diets, the diet drugs, the prescription diet pills, the weight loss patch and all the other gimmicks to achieve rapid weight loss, choosing instead to follow a sensible weight management plan that emphasizes a low calorie diet and regular exercise.

Rebecca Romijn is known to exercise in a health club every single day with her fiance Jerry O'Connell. Ben Affleck completes a workout at least six times each week. Matthew Perry and George Clooney have also trimmed down recently (15 pounds for Matthew, 30 pounds for George) by focusing on exercise to lose weight.

Another weight loss success story can by found by looking at new celebrity mums and their tactics to lose belly fat. Heidi Klum recently said "I was back to my [pre-pregnancy] weight in six weeks" with a combination of two things: 90-minute workouts four days a week and high-protein meal-replacement shakes. (Source: Life & Style Weekly; January 9, 2006).

Denise Richards found the post-natal weight loss help she needed by exercising an hour each day and restricting calories to 1,500 per day. After the birth of her child, Britney Spears followed a healthy weight loss diet by replacing "her usual fried fare with healthier lower-cal leafy greens" (Source: Life & Style Weekly; January 9, 2006).

How Can We Copy The Celebrity Weight Loss System?

The last time we checked, Pam Anderson hadn't yet put her secret weight control plan on ebay for sale to the highest bidder. The nice part is, she doesn't have to! We already know the healthy weight loss celebrity secret: to best way to reach our ideal weight is with regular exercise, diet and nutrition.

We'll probably never have the amount of time and money enjoyed by many of the stars, and because of that our journey towards total health and fitness may take longer. But that's okay. It's okay because now we know that there really is no secret weight loss information that...if only we could get our hands on it...would make us successful. We already know about the best weight loss program for us, and that program is diet and exercise.

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