These weight loss diets for everyday people recognise that we can all consume different amounts of food and still lose weight.

Based on an average daily intake of around 2000 calories or 8400 kilojoules, these diets allows you to eat a little more or less by listing the calorie and kilojoule value of each food so you can add or remove foods to achieve the intake you want.

The 12 week weight loss diets are designed for those who want to eat a variety of 'normal' foods in their diet, and contain many of the foods you're probably already eating, so they're easier to stick to.

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Everyday Diets for Everyday People

Those of us who want to lose weight or keep a food diary need to know the energy (kilojoule or calorie) content of the foods we eat.

In this section are 5 sets of food tables, all organised alphabetically.

Each set contain the number of kilojoules and calories per 100g of around 4,500 common foods in addition to two other nutrients such as calcium and folate, carbohydrates and sugars, total fat and saturated fats, fibre and cholesterol, protein and iron, and sodium and potassium.

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Food Nutrition Tables

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