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Finding Personal Trainers in Sydney and New South Wales specialising in weight loss and fitness is quick & easy with the Personal Trainers business directory.

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Dangerously Fit

6 Week Body Challenge

The 6 Week Body Challenge teaches you how lose weight fast with a simple no-nonsense approach to diet and exercise.

You don’t need to starve yourself and you don’t have to suffer long boring cardio workouts.

Visit our website for more information.




The name Metaqua means increasing your metabolism using water. It’s not aqua aerobics nor lap swimming, it is Metaqua. It’s a simple design using a pair of fins, kickboard or noodle. Metaqua™ rotates exercises around your body using your legs, arms, side & stomach. The benefit of using water exercise is the low impact “gentleness” of water. Resistance in water is what makes water fitness effective. You can modify the movement of your limbs and hands to have the resistance that best suits you. This results in a full body workout to suit all ages and levels of fitness.

Metaqua will help you Lose Weight, Gain Muscle tone, Give you more energy and mobility, Increase your Metabolism, Give you a better night’s sleep and Giddy up the Libido.


At Home Training Programs

At Home Training Programs

At Home provides TRAINING PROGRAMS FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY including your very own animated personal trainer “B” who will give you tips on posture and breathing in every exercise. All programs can be performed with or without exercise equipment.

Each program package includes: program card with exercise details, written and photo exercise instructions featuring “B”, your At Home Personal Trainer, body measurement recording sheets for monitoring results and a healthy eating plan for the entire family.


Albert R Fitness Solutions

Albert R Fitness Solutions - Sans Souci

Get one on one personal training in selected areas plus online access to nutritionist meal plan and online training site.

Don’t wait any longer! Join the 7 Week Challenge family today! The Fitter and Healthier you is waiting! Space is limited and sells out quick so join TODAY! Once sold out you will have to wait for the next 7 Week Challenge.

JOIN TODAY and get Albert R Fitness Solutions as your on-call, 24-7 resource, working with you to get you in shape, helping you build muscle, burn fat, lose weight and develop the Perfect Fitness Body for Life!


Peter Petrou Fitness and Personal Training website link

Peter Petrou Personal Training - Town Hall

At Peter Petrou fitness my aim is to provide top quality personal training at a price everyone can afford. That and my approach to training led to Peter Petrou fitness being rated as one of the top 3 personal training companies in Sydney in 2011.

A former professional boxer and elite Australian amateur representative and ran the boxercise classes at Paddington PCYC from 1994 until it closed in 2001. Now using my athletic experience to help people get fit and realize their weight loss goals.

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