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Tell us how you keep motivated to exercise regularly.

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Postby Falconforce15 » Tue Jun 10, 2008 12:57 pm

Some things i think about that keeps me gonig and that makes me never give up is... And some personal things i went thro as well back in high school

You ever get that feeling that u want to get up and do something and work out to reach that goal and make u feel good or make other people make you feel good well the one thing that helped me in highschool because i was the one that was not the popular guy in school so i tryed so many things to look good for other people to make them notice me more so i could fit in better well after all of that it was not worth it the best Motivation i give my self is to Never degrade yourself at all always tell yourself that you can and will do it the one Speech i give my self is Never back down Never give up Because you can Only look good if you feel good to your self do not care what other people think of you and if you waste the time on what other people think Of what you look like then you can miss out on the best things in live and even lose you true self so jsut rember and keep telling your self when you are down and you think u cant do it Never give up on your self and never back down when the gonig gets tuff and you feel like you can make it

I hope this helps, Your pal and friend
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