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Tell us how you keep motivated to exercise regularly.

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Postby hushpuppy » Sat Oct 29, 2005 9:00 pm

Keeping Motivated
It doesn’t matter how high our aspirations are for activity because unless we follow through on our intentions it is all futile. So how can we stay motivated? If you are finding it hard to get motivated or stay motivated try some of our suggestions to keep in a regular activity program. Remember the important thing is regular activity to gain great health benefits.

Find a buddy. It’s always great to exercise with a friend so you can remind and support one another in your exercise endeavour.
Join a club. It may be easier to slot into the timetable of a sports club or gym close to home or work.
Seek out a personal trainer or find out about a group fitness group near you.
Compete against yourself. There are many devices on the market today to help you here. You can purchase training watches that help you train at your own personal heart rate best for your training goals. There are electronic pedometers that add up the steps you do on your daily walk or run. If you like cycling then there are small computers that can be mounted onto the handle bars that calculate all sorts of figures that you can aim to improve on.
Use a walkman. Research has shown that people that use headphones when walking walk further than their counterparts!! But forget the statistics, try it for yourself. Use a simple radio for music or a current affairs station, or a CD walkman for music or even your homework if you are learning a language. If you use a stationary bike or walker try a TV in the room. The options are yours to choose. Remember, if you are walking around busy roads you need to be extra alert with your safety as you may not be able to hear cars approaching as clearly before crossing roads.
Train for a competition. There are always lots of community events and competitions happening throughout the year which makes good targets to achieve. And of course, not only is your health benefiting but the cause is too. It’s always such a motivator seeing other people out exercising too.
Be creative. You might be more conducive to staying motivated if you are not doing the same form of exercise all the time. That is why it’s a great idea to be active with different friends, as one might like walking while another swimming or tennis. Variety is the key. That way, not only are a variety of muscles are being used but mentally, it is more refreshing.
Record your progress. Get yourself a notebook or calendar and record your type and length activity. This will help you stay positive by monitoring your achievements and activity frequency.
Read Success Stories. Fitness books, magazines and websites can be a great encouragement and can help you feel like you are not alone in your plight.
Don’t push yourself too hard or feel guilty. If you push yourself too hard day after day you will get tired and sore and lose motivation very quickly. It’s important to moderate your exercise and vary the intensity and type of exercise you do. Don’t feel guilty if you have slipped out of routine for a few days. Just move on from this and start again NOW.
Found this info i thought it was very true
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