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Tell us what exercises you do and enjoy to keep fit and lose weight.

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Postby hushpuppy » Wed Jun 15, 2005 9:39 pm

I just got austar on our TV and found this cools show called Pilates TV. It goes for 30 mins and shows u how to do pilates and each day has a differnt theme. I havent tried it out yet . I taped it today and will tomorrow so then i will have an hour to do . Has anyone done pilates and how did they find it? .. I will keep u posted on how i go with it .
Cheers Jules
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Postby Serena » Wed Jun 15, 2005 11:37 pm

I bought Mari Windsor Pilates off an infomercial (shame on me!) and it's really tough, especially if your super-unfit like me. But I've also been to some beginners classes at the community centre and whilst it was still challenging and you felt the benefit it was quite do-able. I think videos are a fantastic way of getting fit because there are no prying eyes judging you. My personal favourite is tae-bo and a couple of years ago I lost about 30 kg doing it and weight watchers. I kept it off too until some stressful stuff turned me to the refrigerator. Good luck with it!
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