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Is Self Development Truly Possible?

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Is Self Development Truly Possible?

Postby Kiso_hall » Sat Sep 27, 2008 11:58 pm

Hi, is the question of whether or not self development is possible a little too vague? There are many ways promoted to achieve self development, but most genuine ones appear to require a better control over the mind. Is there any technique to gain more control over the way we think. I think Meditation is something that can increase mind power, which may be proportional to the ability to develop these skills. Any more suggestions on this???
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Re: Is Self Development Truly Possible?

Postby sunny_leone » Mon Sep 29, 2008 1:12 am

Mediation is certainly helpful in increasing mind power. There are some other ways in which you can transform your thinking process and influence the mind, which results in better control. Applied quantum theory can also be taken in account when talking about self development. According to that school of thought we experience we think, reflect on, believe in, etc. – in every minute detail. There is much information available on the web about [link removed] and Mind Power. Hope that link helps you out!
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Re: Is Self Development Truly Possible?

Postby Mogget » Sun Aug 23, 2009 10:22 am

If you want to learn how to run you mind better the hands down best way is to learn NLP from a good trainer (not a 7 day course they just do NOT give you sufficient skill). I can recommend trainers in Aus if anyone is interested. Once you have a degree of skill in NLP you can read pretty well any self help book and their rules of success and be able to see "aha! this is just xyz pattern"...Learning NLP ruined the self help section for me!! I had to get rid of SOOOO many totally redundant self help books.... what makes NLP better in my opinion is that each of those self help authors tell you THEIR patterns - this is what works for THEM... it might work for you too, but it might not... with NLP you use the pattern that will work for you, in your unique situation, and if there isn't an off the rack to suit you will have the skills to tailor a new one. There's some useful books but it is a bit like reading a book on how to swim - all the info may be there but if you want to develop the skill you really need to have someone teach you the real life process. Really useful stuff if you want to learn any of the following things.

How to break bad habits/build new good habits.
Change beliefs you have that limit you, and install new empowering beliefs.
Learn how to control your emotional state and develop newer better more resourceful ways of responding to contexts that normally cause a bad state.
Get over past traumatic/upsetting experiences.
Build a compelling future/goals that happen almost without effort/motivation to succeed
Improve your memory/improve your learning strategies
Develop better relationships/stop projecting/stop wrongly interpreting people/improve communication
Learn how to resourcefully reframe experiences/change you experience of events
Resolve internal conflicts and incongruencies
Get over fear of failure/fear of success and all kinds of self sabotage
and loads of other awesome stuff.

Cannot reccomend it enough IF you seek out a good trainer.

Training guidelines:

*Be aware that NLP is UNREGULATED - anyone can call themselves a trainer - all the various associations are just made up groups - you can start one yourself and it doesn't make you reputable or skilled as a trainer! Nor does being the trainer of the MOST people.... McDonald's make more burgers than anyone else, but they are not necessarily the best burgers... that speaks of the quality of the advertising, not of the product.
*Should be around 20+ days of training in order to give sufficient contact hours for the students to apply what they have learned - shorter courses give a content dump without giving the students much if any chance to put into practice what they have been shown.
*Group of really not much more than 30 or so people
*Training should have a heavy emphasis on practical application/practical experience not book learning or theory
*While the patterns have some steps to learn as you develop skill these can been mixed and matched or dispensed with - beware of anyone offering you "scripts" or declaring that there is only one way to do a pattern and that it would be the same for every client... the whole point of NLP is that you tailor your approach to suit the context/individual you are dealing with.
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