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Group weigh-in 2/7 to 8/7

Weigh in each week here!

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Group weigh-in 2/7 to 8/7

Postby Dolly » Mon Jul 03, 2006 7:03 am

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Postby Dolly » Mon Jul 03, 2006 7:06 am

Last week - 95.0 kgs
This week - 94.5 kgs
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Postby bronwyn » Mon Jul 03, 2006 8:54 am

Hi All

Well this is my first weigh in on the forum and I was very nervous. I enjoyed my weekend and now I'm ready to begin my wonderful journey and looking forward to the support I get from and give to everyone here.
Today I weighed in at 125.4....yuk yuk yuk.
Have a good week everyone.
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Postby Nicola » Thu Jul 06, 2006 3:46 pm

Hi Everyone, I'm new here, my first post!

Kicking off today, starting weight of 63kg with a goal of 55kg. A little background for those who are interested...I'm heading off on the 28th of August to marry my fiance in Italy so hoping to look my best of course for the 6th of September. Not much time I know, but I feel it's achievable.

That's why I decided to register here....making myself put my efforts up for scrutiny may help me knuckle down a little harder than I have been. We'll see how we go anyway....I look forward to seeing you all again shortly!
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Postby Dolly » Thu Jul 06, 2006 9:05 pm

Hi Nicola, welcome to the forum and congrats on the wedding in August, how romantic to have an Italian wedding.
Good luck with your weight loss Journey.
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Postby KimE » Fri Jul 07, 2006 5:52 pm

Hello Nicola and welcome to the forum.

All the best with your weight loss journey and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

Love is in the air....

Last week 71 kgs
This week 70.5 kgs
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Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Sat Jul 08, 2006 5:54 pm

Hi Nicola, welcome to the forum!
Last week 78kg
This week 78kg GGGGGRRRRRR STUCK!!! :evil:
35kg lost. (November 2005 - October 2006)
15kg gained again (as at October 2010).
Back to the drawing board - Let's do this thing!

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Postby Aldebaran » Sat Jul 08, 2006 7:46 pm

84kg last week, 84 kg this week. No change. Oh well, I thought 1.5kg loss from the previous week was too much. Should be back on track next week.
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