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FunStoppers Journey...weekly weigh ins

Weigh in each week here!

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Re: FunStoppers Journey...weekly weigh ins

Postby funstopper » Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:46 pm

Well, another Wednesday and another loss, I am so chuffed and proud of myself right now.

Thanks DB and Jewel for your encouragement and praise, that sibling rivalry is heating up. My older sister was here on Saturday for a visit and was telling me that she is hoping to drop to 105kg by Easter too and that she has been using her Wii Fit plus and her treadmill almost daily. I didn't tell her I was exercising daily and following the WW plan, I just kind of played dumb, can't wait to see her face when she see's me next and realises I am losing it too.

The scales showed a loss of 1.7kg today, which really surprised me as I am feeling very bloated and have been constipated for the past 3 days, might have to go to the supermarket and get some prunes :D

My current stats are

SW => 130kg
CW = > 111.9kg
GW = > 69kg.

That 20kg lost mark is getting closer now and I want it so badly, another couple of good losses and I should get there. The best part is how much fitter and healthier I feel. Here near home there is a rather large hill/rock formation with a walking track around it and a track that also goes halfway up the hill to what is called the saddle. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be able to trek up there. For the last 6 weeks or so I have been walking the track from town out to the base of the hill and then up the road, which is a rather steep incline of about 400-500m to the picnic area but last night something took over my body and brain and I decided to try get to the top of the saddle. To my surprise I did it and it wasn't that hard either. The view from the top was just spectacular, could see for miles. Once I got home, round trip of around 5.5km, felt amazing, so fit and healthy. Will definately do it again.

Anyways, gotta go do some cooking, having some friends and their kids over for lunch and a play date tomorrow, going to search for some healthy low fat recipes to make and a nice tossed salad to go with it.

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Re: FunStoppers Journey...weekly weigh ins

Postby miss_viva » Fri Jan 22, 2010 1:01 pm

Hi FS,

Great job on getting to the top of the saddle, that would have felt amazing! I'm sure you'll reach your 20kg goal in no time :)

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