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lukes log

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lukes log

Postby luke » Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:43 pm

ok starting at week 7 im down to
30.0% body fat
35.6% muscle

2 things i cant recommend enough are Homedics personal trainer health station 565 , which i have had for 3 weeks now , when i got it i was at 34.6% body fat and 32..3 % muscle what makes it great is when you dont loose any weight it can tell you if the reason is that you put on muscle instead, no more upset weeks when i dont loose weight :D

Also weight training is very important people, im on a high protein diet that i made up myself for my bodytype , taking into account what i like to eat i have and with my weight training im just transforming my body day by day. Best of all im hungry every 3 hours now and i just keep stuffing my face with a lean meat (usually chicken breast) sandwhich or nuts and the weight keeps falling off, my wife is even concerned that i will trade her in soon lol

Anyone has anyquestion please feel free to ask
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Re: lukes log

Postby miss_viva » Mon Sep 28, 2009 5:48 pm

Hey Luke,

I haven't heard of this health station before, can you tell me a bit about it please? Is it just a scale that measures muscle mass and body fat percentage?

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Re: lukes log

Postby luke » Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:54 pm

Yes just a scale, cost me $120 dollars and lets me keep a eye on what my bodies doing and what it needs.
It measures weight
fat %
muscle %
bone thickness
and gives you a estamation of how many cal your body needs to maintain a healthy weight ( my cal requirments keep on rising as i keep gaining muscle j)
Max weight 180kg
can keep 12 peoples records

Only downside is my wife cant get a reading on it and the only reason i can think off is as she is carring alot of extra weight (since having the baby) but the scale part still works for her.
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