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Anon's Weigh In - Mixed Feelings

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Anon's Weigh In - Mixed Feelings

Postby AnonGuy9999 » Fri Dec 04, 2009 9:56 am

on 23/11/2009 I weighed 109.6
on 30/11/2009 I weighed 109.8

Sum of Protein: 858.9 (last week: 851.1)
Sum of Carbs: 2886.3 (last week: 3096.5)
Sum of Fat: 766.6 (last week: 495.5)
Sum of KJ: 101469 (last week: 87783)
Sum of Cal: 24385 (last week: 20982)

The Excuse:
One of my bad habbits, which I think a lot of people do is, give up on being good when the chips are down. Last week I missed my mothers 50th Birthday Party (I'm an only child) and I missed the plane. Over the weekend I then had take out because I wasn't feeling good. I did do one thing differently though, I didn't eat snacks like I would have and the take out I had was Indian, I stayed away from the normal pizza or red rooster... So habbits are changing, just didn't expect to go through something like this so early on in my diet. I will live and learn.

Where to improve:
With the indian, it looks like I overdosed on Fat and Kj/Cals'... Also I didn't do any exercise on the Fri/Mon like I normally would have.

What I did well:
I introduced bicycle kicks into my exercise in the morning. I did somehow manage to reduce my Carb intake slightly, I'll take that as a win, but still need to do more... I think I have to cut out the oats and try another breakfast option.

How I feel:
Sad about the weight gain, but great that I didn't stack on 1 kg or more. And I actually notice the waist line loss, I'm back to a 102cm pants size, down from 107cm... Also, if I push passed the fat, I can feel stomach muscle and my arms are starting to get some muscle.
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