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ShesGotIt Weekly Weigh-in

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ShesGotIt Weekly Weigh-in

Postby ShesGotIt » Tue Jun 22, 2010 11:48 pm

Hi there to everyone. :D

It's very motivating to see all your stories on weight goals and loss to date. :shock:

At the not so young age of 45 - I'm starting some weight loss.
A steady (but slow) increase in weight has got to the point where I want to act before it becomes harder.

My nemisis is the sweets that the social club sells not far from my desk - which call out "Stay Alert and Eat Me!" whenever my workload becomes overwhelmingly hard with a constant barrage of documents to read.

Does anyone else succumb to the sugar temptation when there is a need to focus focus focus?

I'm aiming to get under 60Kg. Currently sitting on 65.3 - down from 66.5 about 3 weeks ago.

My approach:
Gym - 3 times a week with weights, rowing and treadmill, and 30 mins cardio exercise when I can otherwise.
Food - Make the low fat, low sugar choices with high fibre / protein, KJ limit at approx 5800.

I really liked the Star approach someone mentioned on their blog. So I'm going to award myself a single star for those weeks when I've meet the Gym goal + the food goal on 5 days in 7.

All the best to all.
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Re: ShesGotIt Weekly Weigh-in

Postby ShesGotIt » Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:15 am

Down to 63.5kg tonight.....

Not the fastest weight loss ever, but the best I've ever managed...

The approach from the lovely lady at the Gym is working.....

For me she recommends:
Cut the cereals and muslei bars with sugar - must be less than 10g sugars per 100g.

Every time your hungry and about to put a food in your mouth that you know is not nutritious - ask yourself, "Why did you get to this point?"
(This when I told her I was drinking instant soups - because they were hot and comforting when I got to work).

Don't skip breakfast. Do have healthy snacks - LOTS of vegetables, and protein. Limit to two pieces of fruit a day.
When desperately hungry - eat a boiled egg (take these to work), or a tin of tuna.
Small quantities of nuts are good (like 30g). This is about 10% of a daily allowance for someone my size.

For my weight, and sedendary occupation - Eating around 5800kj per day (or so), exercise 3 times a week.
Do 3 lots of Cardio per session - 5-10mins for first two. 20 mins at end
Inbetween do weights - light reps... fast. Lots.... For example - lateral pull downs - 3 sets of 15 reps - by repitition 13 in the set, should be feeling a real struggle to complete.
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Re: ShesGotIt Weekly Weigh-in

Postby EvilWombatQueen » Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:48 am

I definitely succumb to sugar when I need to focus. I'm doing my PhD right now and some nights when I'm working till the wee hours I need the sugar rush to keep my brain going. I always feel crap the next day, though. I try to keep apples handy as they apparently wake you up and keep you mentally alert more than coffee does. Sometimes this works. Usually it doesn't and I eat the processed carbs anyway!

I'm not sure what advice to give you about avoiding the sweets nearby. Is there any way your workmates could move them so you're not as tempted? Could you make a special price for them just for you? Everyone else pays $1 per treat but you have to pay $5 or $10? I'd guarantee you wouldn't eat as many if you had to pay that much! That's how I ration my chocolate. I buy dark, expensive Belgian chocolate that costs about $10 per block. By god you learn to make it last at that price! :lol:
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