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Latisha's weekly weigh in, join me!!

Weigh in each week here!

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Latisha's weekly weigh in, join me!!

Postby Latisha » Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:39 pm


So I am new to the forum but not new to weight loss!! Haha!

I've done a few posts this evening but this seems like a very much to the point topic, the number crunchers!

Weigh in 1 (05/07) 67.5 kg (That is very heavy for me)
Waist - 70cm
Abdomen - 84cm
Hips - 94cm

Heres to a healthy mind! I wouldn't mind loosing the few kilograms of excess weight loss baggage on that either.

It is my main aim to have a healthy mind. It really is. That is all I want. So if you feel like starting with me, we can do it together. :)
05/07/2010 - 67.5kg
12/07/2010 - 62.6kg

First goal 60kg
Second goal 57.5kg
Third goal 56kg
Final goal 55kg
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