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17kg to lose!!!

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17kg to lose!!!

Postby wonessa86 » Mon Sep 19, 2011 11:44 am


i suppose i should start at the start.

my weight problems began 4 1/2 years ago when i failed to lose the last 12kgs i gained after my pregnancy. my pre-pregnancy weight was 68kg, 90kg when heavily pregnant, and post-pregnancy weight was 80kg.

i managed to maintain 80kg till i got married 18 months later - in late 2007. a couple of days after the wedding my husband, son and i moved from country victoria to kalgoorlie in western australia for my husbands work, which was 3000kms from my family. to say i struggled would be an understatement!!! i'm one of 12 kids so being on the other side of the country and with my husband away 3 nights out of the week, the loneliness was unbearable. so we had planned a little holiday back to see the family 3 months after we married...i missed them sooooo much!

the day before we were flying back for our holiday we bought some scales because my husband and i were both feeling a little chubbier and were curious to see where we were with our weight. we had both gained 12kgs!!!!!!!!!! in 3 months!!!! so i was now 92kgs. i spent the rest of the day crying....i just couldn't believe it :cry: :cry: :cry: i still remember walking in my parents front door and seeing the look on their faces :oops: i was so incredibly embarrassed. i could tell no one new what to say or where to look. it makes me really upset just thinking about it.

i continued to struggle for the next couple of years yo-yoing between 97kgs and 83kgs. i've been up and down so many times i lost count a loooong time ago.

then in feb 2010 we moved back to the vic/nsw border (only 2 hrs from the family :D ). moving was a HUGE effort!!! but we managed and my husband and i came home weighing...him 96kgs...and me 89kgs. then within 6 weeks of us being back i lost 12kgs!!! i was 77kgs!! i was so happy but the family was a little concerned that it happened so rapidly and suggested i see a doctor...personally i didn't see what the big deal was and was actually a little upset that they weren't happy for me. my mum had also mentioned that i always sounded out of breath on the phone and that it was like i was a little bit hyperactive. so in late april i went to see the doctor and found out that i had graves disease or hyperthyroidism. i was gutted but it explained alot of what i was experiencing...weight loss, inability to conceive, breathlessness, increased heartrate etc. my thyroid hormone levels were 7 times what was considered to be the normal range. and i bought a heartrate watch to check it whenever i felt light-headed or out of breath...and one day while towel drying my hair after a shower my heartrate was up to 160bpm!!! so no wonder i lost all that weight so quickly!

anyway here we are, 18 months later. my weight has fluctuated between 83kgs and 76kgs in that time but has mostly been around the 80kg mark. but since the beginning of august my weight got up to 83kgs which was ok...until it has gone up and up and up to now being 87kgs!!! im really not sure how it has happened...i have done nothing differently :? im not eating more, im not moving less....i don't know. all i know is i swore it would never get out of hand again and i feel that it now has. im ashamed :oops:

so im currently 87kgs and my goal weight is 70kgs. i want it off once and for all!!! i don't want to be constantly thinking about my weight and how horrible i look. so i would really appreciate lots of help and support now and during my weightloss efforts :)
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Re: 17kg to lose!!!

Postby Grapefruit » Wed Sep 21, 2011 12:23 pm

Wow, you have certainly been through a lot!

Are you currently on thyroid meds? Did the Dr say that this should keep your weight balanced or is it still normal for that to be a contributing factor to weight fluctuation?

Most people who become overweight (like I have been many times) are big time foodies (like me lol). I really love my food and I am miserable if my portion size is really small or if I can't indulge in the foods I like (in moderation). So I have learnt that I can still have a decent portion size and I can still have a few squares of chocolate every night, or a biscuit at morning tea time with my work mates, or a nice big lavish dinner once a month with a few drinks...IF I work my butt off exercising. I know this does not sound like much fun, but I absolutely love exercise and being fit, is just has to be exercise that is enjoyable for ME. What I enjoy is the high intensity stuff (bonus as it burns loads of calories and really changes your body shape) so I like crossfit, fast skipping and punch fit classes. This way I can have my cake and eat it too which is the only way for me because I am miserable on a bland diet and of course, it never lasts.

So find something that you enjoy, let it be an adventure to finding what you find to be fun, so that it is not a chore to go out and do it, but rather it is 'you time', doing something that you enjoy, for you and only you. You could try bike riding, swimming, weightlifting, rowing, gym classes, martial arts, throwing a frisbee around with someone, tennis, team sports...the list is endless. I believe there is something out that that is enjoyable for everyone, you just have to find what that is.

If you don't feel confident to venture out just yet, then just start with walking, at home exercise dvd's and pretty soon you will feel confident to see what is out there and enjoy it too :)
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Re: 17kg to lose!!!

Postby lmelro01 » Wed Sep 21, 2011 12:31 pm

My goodness what a tough journey you have had so far! Take comfort knowing that a lot of it wasn't in your control. Being away from family is tough and couple that with moving to an entirely new place, well it's even harder! I know from experience! You're not anywhere near Swan Hill are you?
Good luck! With a bit of determination, a little time and the right mind set you'll be fine!
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Re: 17kg to lose!!!

Postby wonessa86 » Thu Sep 22, 2011 12:45 pm

hi grapefruit!

i am currently off meds as my thyroid levels are all within the normal range now :) yay! but i was on meds for about a year up until a few months go.

i am a bit of a foodie...i loooove cooking good quality food but portions are where i struggle. being one of 12 kids we always had to eat quickly or risk not getting was always a mad rush to grab a biscuit or 2 before they all went. so this is my biggest weakness - leaving any kind of food behind. whenever i open a packet of biscuits or something the urge to just eat it till it's all gone is incredible! i literally have to stop and tell myself that they are not going to run away or disappear, but im slowly getting better.

and i have to agree with you in that i'd rather do more exercise than really cut back on portion size.

hi lmelro01,

no not near swan hill. im from corowa, nsw....right on the murray :) but my great grandad used to live in swan hill! his name was harold sweet and he lived on sweet lane. we went there heaps as kids :)

anyway thankyou both for taking the time to reply :D it means alot! i'll be updating my progress on monday :D
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