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Starting Over

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Starting Over

Postby memphisrose10 » Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:12 pm

Ok so here is try number a million!

This is it. I have given myself until may 15th thats 28 weeks.
I am currently 102 kgs so i have put on 7 kgs from when i tried last time.
my waist is a current measurment of 117cm.

Im looking to lose 40kgs but losing 28 kgs in the next 28 weeks would be satisfying.
im also looking to drop 50cms off my waist. but droping only 35cm in the next 28 weeks would be fine.

My goal isnt about being skinny its about getting healthy and getting into that healthy weight range and waist to height proportion as well as being about to fit in nice clothes and not look like a dag all the time.

I have taken some pictures and will post them soon and compare each month on the 15th.

The only issue with losing this much weight is i dont want to lose the weight in my face, i like my face, i feel pretty from the shoulders up. i dont want my face to look all boney since i have very noticable cheek bones already.

The way i intend to take this journey is:
- Started a support group among my family and close mates online so they can help encourge me and not let me eat bad foods.
- started light and easy on the 15th of this month. i have see brilliant results on my friend and hopeing to see the same.
- taken up soccer again
- walking every afer noon and getting up early and doing sit ups and 100 skips of a morning.
- drinking 3 litters of water a day
- and covered all mirrors so i cant looking in them and self hate myself so i give up again.

fingers crossed that this time i can succsessed, ive been a big girl all my life and i havent really minded until i couldnt fit in clothes or afford the clothes that do fit. :mrgreen:
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