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Kellie's weekly progress report

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Kellie's weekly progress report

Postby Roblyssa » Mon Dec 05, 2011 9:49 pm

Well, I weighed in on Saturday just been for my 4th weigh in (just finished my 5th week) and I gained 1.3kg :cry: .

I have lost just over 2kg in all this time and I am SO disappointed! I am doing eveything right, eating properly, no alcohol, healthy snacks and meals, and to get such a result so far into my journey was just so gut wrenching.

I am continuing on my journey. I had a cry on Sunday as I went into Big W to buy a pair of shorts and NO WHERE did they have any in my size. That in itself was not the problem. It was that I have been at this for 5 weeks and I have NOTHING to show for it! No where am I close to getting to the next size down and *maybe* fitting into normal women's clothing. Even the 'bigger' ladies section had nothing. :(

I will continue to blog my journey on this thread for each weigh in.

I am going to continue to walk my 3km each night and see how I go. I won't give in (just yet), but I can see now why I have always thrown in the is just TOO HARD for me :cry: !
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Re: Kellie's weekly progress report

Postby Roblyssa » Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:05 pm

Today I weighed in, and I was really interested in seeing what the result was going to be after using the My Fitness Pal site/app and walking 5 days straight outdoors.

So I got on the scales this morning expecting possibly another gain and I had lost 1.2kg.

While I was/am pleased about the loss, I am skeptical given that I lost the same amount 2 weeks ago, then put it all back on last week. So my weight loss seems to be yo-yo'ing back and forth the 1.2kgs from week to week.

IF next week I get another loss, I may start to feel a little excitement, but right now, it's a loss and I'll take it and that is about all I feel right now.
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Re: Kellie's weekly progress report

Postby cartea01 » Sat Dec 10, 2011 11:40 pm

Hang in there Kellie! You can do it :)

Some advice, are you keeping track of how far you're walking and how long it takes you each day? Also, what about keeping track of exactly what you're eating? Maybe that will point you in the right direction about why you lose weight one week but not another?

All the best!
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Re: Kellie's weekly progress report

Postby Roblyssa » Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:35 pm

Hey there,

The My Fitness Pal site is an online diary of everything you eat, drink, exercise, EVERYTHING and it is AWESOME!! There are apps for it on iphones and androids etc, or you can jump on the web and access the site. I love it because my iPhone scans a barcode on something and it tells me exactly how many calories it has in it, fat, carbs and protein. I have to stick to a daily target of 1200 calories (I was given that goal after answering a multitude of questions) and any exercise I do gets logged too and calories deducted. It keeps track of the amount of water I drink and it also has message boards and blogs for you to blog your story as you go.

I am finding it absolutely wonderful having the ease of the diary there on my phone. Now I log EVERYTHING from a cup of tea to a steak and veges meal.

I am hoping this site/app can see my weight dwindle towards my goal!

Thanks for reading!
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Re: Kellie's weekly progress report

Postby miss_viva » Tue Dec 13, 2011 8:25 pm

I'm not a member of MFP, but I like to go on there sometimes and read through some of the stories that other people have posted there. I often do that when I have cravings or feel like mindlessly snacking on things for the sake of it. Seeing what other people have accomplished/have accomplished helps to deter those cravings quite a lot! Coming on here and posting seems to do the trick too, anything to distract my hands and prevent them from reaching for chocolate, biscuits or any other yummy things within reach! :D

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