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First timer.

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First timer.

Postby Jessicalee » Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:49 pm

Hey guys,
I am new to this site/forum.

I'll start by jotting down a few things about myself.

My name is Jessica, I am 20 years of age. I currently weigh 107kgs.
I went to the doctors about 2 weeks ago because I am really concerned about my weight. This is the most I have ever weighed in my entire life. I am not happy with the way I look or feel. The doctor told me to consider Duromine, Xenical or surgery!
I do not want to take Xenical because I don't eat that much fatty foods, I eat more carbs than anything.
I don't want to get lap band surgery, because I cannot see myself paying thousands of dollars for something I believe I can do myself.
Duromine on the other hand I would actually consider taking, 3 of my family members have taken it and it has worked wonders on them! I think that that may give me the boost I need. But in saying that, I want to try and do it alone! Hopefully I can do it :?

When I was younger I was a chubby kid, but was never obese. When I was about 17 I said to myself that was it. I didn't want to be like that anymore. I got myself down to 67kgs and I was happy with the weigh I was. At about 18 I started my first Full time job at a call centre. Which is where I met current partner. Obviously I did alot of nothing. I sat at my desk all day. I'd get home at about 9pm as I finished at 7.30pm, and I'd have a shower, eat dinner and go to bed. The mornings I woke up at 9am and got ready for work. This happened for about a year. During that year I moved in with my partner. And changed my hours to 8am - 4.30pm. That way, we'd get home from work and take the dog for a walk have dinner, shower and bed.
I noticed that I was putting on weigh really fast. Working a full time job, I wasn't going out as much as I used to. I used to go clubbing Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I used to do alot of walking and exercising. I went to the gym 4-5 days a week for atleast an hour and do 3-4 gym classes a week..
Now, I'm lucky to walk the dog for half an hour every day.
I have become so lazy. I get extremely tired all the time and have really bad eating habits.

I have decided, now is the time to get fit and lose some weight.
I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror or seeing my reflection in shop windows.
I have resigned with that job, and now starting a new job (pretty much doing the same thing.. only in a higher position)

I thought this is the time to make a change!

My current weight: 107kgs
Goal for this week: 105kgs.
Long term goal: 70kgs

So I've attached a photo of when I was happy with my weight, and I could only find this other photo of my body at the moment (I don't let let people take photo's of me anymore.)


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Re: First timer.

Postby Tea85 » Tue Oct 30, 2012 1:56 pm

Welcome and good luck!!

This forum for me has been a wealth of information and insparation.

I look forward to seeing your updates as you continue through your journey.

Tegan xx
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