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Hey !

Postby Flyer » Wed Nov 28, 2007 7:33 pm

Hi there

Well most people would think I'm not overweight, all of my life I have been tallish and slimish. Last year I had some pretty major stuff to go through regarding my health which included loosing a kidney. I am 28 yearst old and 167cm's tall and have always been around the 62-63kg mark, I was happy with that. Whilst I was sick last year I dropped to around 57KGs, and I was too thin. But then christmas last year came around and this during the year, my weight went up to 67KGS.

I'm not happy the way I am, people have commented that I have put on a few KGS and I would like to atleast get back down to 60-63kgs.

I have taken the first step and ordered some 'shakes' and will go from there.

I exercise regularly, always out in the garden and walk most nights.

Am I going about things the right way?

I feel kind of odd doing this as yes I have the figure etc, but would just like to improve myself and most of all get control of my weight before it gets out of control. My Dad has had various heart operations, so there is always that genetic risk.


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Postby scoots » Wed Nov 28, 2007 7:59 pm

i think you have the right attitude in getting control of your weight before it gets control of you which i'm sure many others here would agree with :)

exercise is important, and like you said you do walk in the evenings which is great!! :D

personally i don't know much about the shakes so won't comment on them but there are quite a few people here who have tried them so should be able to give some good info. but i will say that making a change to the way you eat food (if that makes sense) will be important to keeping the weight off and staying in control of your weight long term.

Anyways, welcome and good luck in reaching your goals!!! :D
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Postby Flyer » Wed Nov 28, 2007 8:11 pm

Thankyou Scoots!

I forgot to add that I also do Pilates classes, and having horses here also I am always outside doing bits and pieces!

I'm not a big eater, and if I ate any less then I would be hungry! That is why I am going to give the shakes a go.

For example today I have eaten:

Breakfast: 1 piece wholemeal toast & glass of milk

Lunch: 3 marinated chicken wings on small serving of rice and one banana.

Dinner: 1 bowel of vegetables, 1 glass of wine, 1 glass of water.

Today was a good day! I usually do eat a bit more than that!:)
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