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I’m losing 4lbs every week!!

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I’m losing 4lbs every week!!

Postby JaneB » Thu Jan 03, 2008 4:43 am

I’ve just arrived here, but I know that we all share the same problem, we all want to lose some weight…
Since I’m on holidays and I’m at home resting I’ve decided to share my experience with everyone!

I’m trying it for a long time now, without succeeding. But 5 weeks ago I’ve found one page that is already changing my life (If you want to check ).
I’ve decided to try one more diet, without any hope that this one would work…
But that’s really working, I’m so happy, I’m starting to lose some fat, I’m losing more/less 4 lbs every week, well this week doesn’t count :P, I’m referring to the first month.
That’s true that you can find some diets for free in the internet but none of the ones I’ve tried work neither those that I’ve also bought, unless this one.
I hope to reach what I want, losing more 45lbs, but now I’m optimist cause I see true results, and I don’t have to starve or do any big sacrifice.

I hope my experience can help you,

Happy new Year
Jane Bell
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