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Hi All

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Hi All

Postby Jodie91 » Sat Jan 26, 2008 12:05 pm

Hi everyone,
I am continuing a journey started in march 06. At that time I wrote myself a to do list for my life including places to vist people to meet ect ect. One of the things to do was loss 20Kg by my 40th, which being another 5 yrs away I have now decided is too far so I have revised this goal to be done by my 35th (sept this year). I am realistic and will not jump off a bridge if I have not lost the total by then but that is the goal :).

So me I am a mum of three (7,4 and 2) and a full time student studing accounting. I am following weight watchers points plan but do not have the time to attend meetings therefore I thought joining this forum would give me the support I am after at this stage.

My starting weight im March 06 was 95Kg I am currently at 88.7Kg but have spent that last few weeks loosing a Kilo gaining a kilo and it is really frustrating. My goal is 75 Kg (ww say my goal should be 65:?) My own doctor has said getting to 80 would be good.

I weighted 65 Kg back in 1995 but had cancer and gain 20kg in 3 months talk about scary on both counts but am all better now and just want the wieght i gained over that period gone along with the cancer.

Well that me thanks for reading my essay
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Postby GoddessInside » Sat Jan 26, 2008 12:10 pm

Hi Jodie and welcome to the forum :)

You will find heaps of lovely ladies that are doing WW and find heaps of support and great tips/advice to keep yourself going !

20kgs by September is extremely realistic, I've set myself a goal to lost 32kgs in 32 weeks for my 30th in August !

Looking forward to sharing your journey with you !

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Postby Jodie91 » Sat Jan 26, 2008 12:15 pm

Thanks Helen

I have read some of your posts and you are an inspriation to everyone here i'm sure.

Looking forward to reading these forums more and not eating so much :)
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