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Hello everyone =)

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Hello everyone =)

Postby Libourc » Tue Mar 04, 2008 3:26 am

Hello Everyone,
I just joined your forum after browsing a bit last night.
I was impressed with what a nice, informitive, helpful
group you all are. I hope you don't mind another weightloss
friend :D
I began my weightloss/healthy eating lifestlye change about
2 years ago. I have since lost over 195 pounds and am trying
to learn to maintain the loss.
It has been a long hard struggle, but has been so worth it.
I am excited to meet everyone and share ideas, tips & tricks,
recipes, good days & bad days, and all that goes along with
this journey we are on :D
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Re: Hello everyone =)

Postby ali76 » Tue Mar 04, 2008 10:45 am

Hi Libourc! Welcome to the forum :P

You're right, this is a very informative and helpful place to come - looking forward to sharing your journey!

Best of luck!
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CW - 68
Happy weight - 68 (I MADE IT!!!)
GW - 65 (for now - and until I conceive!)
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Re: Hello everyone =)

Postby Czarina » Tue Mar 04, 2008 11:04 am

You lost 195 pounds, that's fantastic! Maybe you could give us some tips! :D
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Re: Hello everyone =)

Postby Libourc » Wed Mar 05, 2008 4:21 am

Hi & Thank you for the warm welcome :D
Not sure I am qualified to offer tips but will help all I can
and share what I have learned along the way.
The thing I changed most was portion size. I used
to think a serving of meat was half my plate full :?
Now I know better, I only serve myself meat in the
quantity of a deck of cards. I also cut out all red meats
by choice as I really do not like them that much and most
have a pretty high fat content.
The meats I eat now are ground white turkey breast, chicken
breast, salmon, tuna, shrimp, and turkey bacon/sausage, boneless
pork loin chops.
I love beans so use them often.
And veggies are my best friends! :lol: When I am dishing up my plate
I fill 3/4 of it with veggies, then I put a serving of meat, then the rest
is fruit. I found that by filling my plate with veggies it looks like I have
tons to eat and do not feel deprived at all, kinda lots of bang for your buck
so to speak.
They also have lots of fiber, take a long time to digest so keep you full for
a long time. It's also a bonus that they are so yummy & good for you.
I love fruit, but have to watch how much I eat as I tend to get carried
away. Fresh pineapple is the best! And I love bananas, plantains, coconut etc..
I eat three nuts with each meal, I switch around with walnut halves, pecans, almonds,
macadamias, and pistachios. They help provide my oils, also I find that when I include
them with my meals, I don't "wish" for them as I used to, I was always wanting nuts before.
I limit my peanut butter, which is hard as I adore it! I do feel it is an awesome food it you
budget your calories to include it, but it is very high calorie, on the other hand it does keep
you feeling full a long time, so it's a catch 22 in my opinion :D
I do not eat white bread or anything with white flour in it. Do not eat white rice, replaced it
with brown rice, and eat whole grains. Whole grain breads etc..
I cut out pretty much all snack/junk foods. I am not perfect, I still grab a handfull of Gardettos
now & then, but limit myself now. I used to love chips, now if I do have chips, I have the baked
ones, they are not as bad, and again I limit how many I eat, they are just empty calories.
I have found some awesome low cal/healthy cookie recipes, my favorite one is Banana chocolate
chip, sinful but good!! No oil at all, the banana provides the moisture, and the flavor is great!
I take vitamins daily (a multi, fish oil, calcium w/D, vitamin B12 as I have nerve damage in my
right leg/foot and my dr. reccommended it, and zinc).
I always include some dairy every day, I love the Laughing Cow line of cheese! Yummy/low cal.
Reduced fat or fat free cottage cheese is wonderful.
I get the Hungry Girl newsletter and take full advantage of all the great recipes that are offered
in it, one of my favorites is the Hot Buffalo Wings made with breast meat, they are AWESOME!!
I also search on the net for low calorie/healthy recipes to try out.
Excercise has become a daily routine for me. I never used to work-out. Well, o.k. I did get up
from the couch to get the channel changer now & then :lol:
Now I do three sets of excercise per day, lasting 40 minutes each. I love my elliptical!! Also lift weights,
walk my dogs, ride bike in the summer, swim year round (indoor pool) and just try to stay pretty active.
I do calorie cycling as I like to vary how much I eat, not eat the same amount every day. Some days I am
hungrier than others and this allows for it.
Last but not least I just take each day as it comes, there are up days and down days, I don't beat myself up
if I eat a little more than I should now & then. I believe that if you are following a healthy eating plan at least
80% of the time you are doing good. I always say "One day/meal will not make you gain weight, just as skipping
one meal or being very good one day will not assure weightloss success". Slow and steady wins the race, make a
few small changes, cut out snacks, eat more veggies and lean meats, start an excercise plan, be good to yourself :D
I am sure this is all old news to you all, sorry if I bored you :wink:
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