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hi!! im new :D

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hi!! im new :D

Postby Paulimapi » Mon May 05, 2008 4:25 pm

Hey so im tired of trying, also trying to overcome my eating disorder....
I'm eating more normally lately, but A LOT and probably gaining weight, and i CANNOT let that happen, ever!!!
I need to recover from my binge eating disorder right now!
I'm trying hypnosis, its probably crap, but what is there to loose??
so right now i weight 115 pounds and i want to get down to 90...i know its a bit underweight, but hey please don't judge me, that's the actual weight that looks good on me and that makes me feel comfortable with myself....
I would appreciate if someone has any ideas to help me, or can just be there for me...helping me, because part of the binge eating disorder its nos being able to eat healthily and what i have to.
I blow it every time i start and I'm tired of it!!
So tomorrow is Monday and i will be starting...i blew it today by the way, and its almost bed time..
i will loose the weight this time!!
i just got a nose job on Friday by the way :D just so u know :lol:
So please all the support you can give me !! my email is [email protected], you can write me if you want to, and i'll be posting her probably everyday, i hope so...
Once in the lips, forever in the hips...

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Re: hi!! im new :D

Postby SarahC » Tue May 06, 2008 12:54 pm

Hi Pauli, welcome :)

Best of luck recovering from your binging! I'm the same as you at the moment, just eating to much and can't seem to stop! I'm having a go of some hypnosis tapes as well, not working so far, but you never know!

Don't worry if you get judged for your 90pound target, it all comes down to the weight that you feel comfortable at. Mine's 105 pounds (48kgs) and people get a bit shocked by that. But I look and feel great at that weight.... so stuff them!!

See you round the forum :D
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