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My weight loss journey so far

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My weight loss journey so far

Postby EmJay » Tue May 06, 2008 4:47 am

Hi everyone!
I guess i'll tell a bit of my story. I'm 22 and was a healthy weight for most of my life. Then i turned 18, moved out of home, and didn't really know how to cook. Hello McDonalds, KFC, Red rooster!
I put on 35 kilo's over the next 2 years :( All of a sudden (or so it seemed!) I was 95 kilos. You'd think I would of realised I was fat when I was buying size 18 jeans - but no, my excuse was "the shops are making the sizes smaller!!"
Then i started to get asked when the baby was due. My own dad sat me down to ask me if I was pregnant. In fact, he thought I was 7 months pregnant!
Then I saw some photos of myself. I was shocked! I started to get really depressed, and stopped seeing people who knew me when I was slim.
I tried to diet (half-heartedly) and got no where. Then i began taking xenical tablets around xmas in 2006. If you've ever taken them, you'll know about the disgusting side effects! While on xenical (in late january 07) I got severe food poisoning while on holiday in fiji. I stopped taking the xenical (as i was going to the toilet enough from the food poisoning!) I saw some photos when I got back from the holiday, and decided enough was enough. My friend was taking duromine and had lost more weight in 2 weeks than i had from a month of xenical and the food poisoning.
So off to the doctor I went, and got myself some duromine.
Fast forward 4 months, and I was 70 kilos. Soooo happy! I stopped the duromine, but relapsed into my old habits, and got back up to 76 kilos.
I took the duromine for another 2 months early this year, and am happy to say i am now 64 kilos. I've been off the tablets since february, and have maintained my new eating habits and my new weight fairly well. Although now I have it in my head that if i get bigger, i can just get the duromine again. I am starting to eat a bit bad again, and have put on about 3 kg. I am nervous about not being able to control this new lifestyle, and dont want to rely on the duromine. I want to be able to do it myself!
So i guess ive joined this site for encouragement to stay on track
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Re: My weight loss journey so far

Postby hysterical_oliver » Tue May 06, 2008 7:15 pm

Congratulations on your weight loss x

From my experience I have learned that you have to change your lifestyle. Medication is great if it works for you but I don't think it's a healthy solution for long term weight loss because you have to learn to change your habits :) I've lost all my weight so far the old fashioned way but I don't judge people who use other methods badly. Not knowing how to cook is not an excuse!!! lol I cannot cook much really but I got given a mini George Foreman style grill thing for Christmas and it has revolutionised my kitchen!! I just had a great meal of meat on the grill and a quick saucepan full of brocolli cauliflower zucchini and cabbage. One saucepan and a quick grill, took 2 minutes to prepare and then step away from the stove :) Too easy. Obviously it's not for every meal but it was actually quicker than getting in the car to go through the drive thru and getting home again.

Anyway I don't mean to ramble, I welcome you and look forward to seeing you around the forums. If you ever need anything give us a yell :)
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