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Hi everone....some advice please

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Hi everone....some advice please

Postby threelouiselane » Sun Jun 22, 2008 12:08 am

Hi Everyone, My name is Louise and I am feeling a little defeated, I am a size 14-16, weigh 91kgs and am 5 foot 7. I always weigh more than everone I know, even though we wear the same size clothing. I have just joined WW and have lost 4.9kgs so far. My problem is, I would love to be a size 10-12 one day like everyone, but if I was my reccommended weight of 65-70kgs, I think I would be dead. I once lost 8kgs, which dropped me a dress size, so I figure if I lose 16, that would take me to a size 12 at 80kgs. (my GF joined WW at her heaviest which was 80kg and is now 61.) Is anyone else out there like me? Does someone else weigh a ton on the scales and not look it? The weight on the scales really gets me down because I feel like a big freak who weighs more than most men. Can you be obese as a size 14-16 like all the healthy weight ratio graphs suggest? Am I deluded? By the way, I also have large hands and size 10 feet, I sound really freaky, but I am actually not :?
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Re: Hi everone....some advice please

Postby Strawberry » Sun Jun 22, 2008 2:54 pm

Hi there, I'm the opposite, I don't carry my weight very well. I'm avaerage in height (167cm) and I hate the reading on the scale too.:twisted: lets face it whose really happy with the weight that appears on the scale. You know your body best, ignore BMI, stop comparing yourself to your friend and if your goal is to fit a size 10 work towards it and if you feel you are getting to skinny reevaluate your goal. A size is a size only you know what size you are and how much you weigh.


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Re: Hi everone....some advice please

Postby GumBoots » Sun Jun 22, 2008 3:03 pm

Hi and welcome :D I am doing weight watchers too. I am 165cms and apparently wear my weight well. I have been told by alot of people that I am skinny enough and to stop losing weight yet I am still over weight. Maybe set your goal at a more realistic weight for you and once you get to it, reassess how you feel.
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