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Begone unhealthy lifestyle~!

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Begone unhealthy lifestyle~!

Postby ~Paste~ » Wed Jul 09, 2008 1:45 pm

So it's been another week of; next week ill start to lose weight I'll eat right and exercise and lose weight. :(

Believe me, I say this every week and it doesn't happen. So by Friday ill say to myself, next week, next week. Yeah right, the 'next week' I've been waiting for just doesn't seem to come around!

I've found plenty of reasons, oh I don't like running (which I do hate because my boobs bounce -_-), I don't have the money, there's no room in my room. There is always a billion reasons I can come up with

And it's time to stop. Seriously.

I know I keep gaining weight, I don't like it any more then my friends and family do. I could blame it on the recent death of my father but the truth is; i'm lazy, I like to eat, I waste money on junk food, and I have little self control.

None of this used to be true.

I used to be a clean freak, I used to do half an hour of yoga and plates before school, I used to walk to school, lets just say I was active. I didn't eat all that much junk food and I had self control (Or at least I remember I did).

I started to gain weight when we moved right near my school, so I only had to walk ten minutes to get to school. My sister got a bike, and I rode it to town instead of walking for half an hour. I started to work at a fast food chain. All of these things together helped me gain weight.

I used to live in Forster, for those of you who knows it, its a beach town. Everyone there's wears brand name clothes, if your fat your wardrobe was limited. In 10th grade I went into the local Beach Girl, I was a size 16 then, and I had never fit into any of those clothes but that day I tried on a pair of jeans that I loved that had extreme flair. They fit. I wore them everywhere and anywhere, to school and to work.

By the time I moved to Sydney (12 months give or take) they no longer fit me.

By then the cycle had started. I was lazy, I ate and I didn't exercise. And 4 years since I fit into the size 16 jeans I am a size 20. 18 on good days, 22 or more on bad.

So what can I do?

The answer plan and simple is, im fat. I have got to start eating right, exercising and sleeping right.
I don't have to do it all at once do I? The answer is no. Change little by little, start on the healthier way of life, get back into contact with my friends, drink more water, eat better, don't eat those 8 slices of bread. Go to sleep earlier god dammit! There's no need to stay awake till 2am!

I know what I have to do.

I need to get to bed before twelve.
I have got to stop drinking soda, it burns my throat anyway,
I have to exercise. Get off my fat lazy arse pull out one of my exercise Dvd's and do it! So What if there's no sound? I'm not an idiot, follow what there doing! D'Oh
Stop spending money on junkfood, you dont need it, What you need is the money that your wasting on junk food!

This is my life, and I want to live it and not be stuck hiding away in my house.


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