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Not looking for a quick fix.

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Not looking for a quick fix.

Postby sherry40+ » Sun Jul 27, 2008 12:18 pm

Before the birth of my last child I was 65Kg (8½ years ago), had a sweet tooth but was physical enough to keep it off. Then fell pregnant and had a huge craving for KFC and Coke (didn’t eat it before being pregnant and haven’t had it since). But the damage was done and the down hill slide to weight gain began.
I’ve tried all the weight loss programs to no avail; I’m a mood eater and major sweet tooth.
My last attempt at weight loss was last year with Betty Baxter and lost 6kg over a four month period (not great, but something, going from 94kg to 88kg). Problem was I wasn’t learning anything and I was still hungry and still needed sweet things so the weight wasn’t really moving.
So now we come to July 2008, this time I’ve decided enough is enough and what I needed was to retrain my brain. I realised it only takes a day to start a habit but 28 days to break it. So I am hoping this is the start of the last journey into the world of weight loss.
What I needed to do was break the sugar cycle. So this brings me to my next step. I enjoyed the Betty Baxter shakes but found it wasn’t enough and still craved the sweet things and still no energy to exercise. So this is where Duromine was brought into the equation. I know I have heard all the negatives about it. But I realised I need to retain myself into a healthy eating pattern. Currently I’m on day 11 and have had no serious side effects. The dry mouth has increased my water intake from nothing to 2 litres, increased energy has helped with motivation to walk further and exercise more. I don’t have a sleep problem as I have the tablet when I wake up (which is 5am) and the unfortunate constipation issue helped to increase my intake of fruit and veg. My doctor did a complete physical on me with a full blood test and an ECG to check on my heat. So with a clean bill of health except for the large excess weight I was fine to go on the tablets.
Currently my life style change plan has been a Duromine tablet first thing in the morning (I wake at 5am to go to work) a small bowl of porridge, morning tea a BB drink, lunch a soup, afternoon tea a piece of fruit and dinner a small piece of meat and veg with a BB drink after. I know with the Duromine I could go all day without food, but that is not what I started this for, I’m actually having to make myself eat, but only the good things and always saying no to the sweet things. I park my car further away to walk to work/shops, have started aqua aerobics. This is a huge change from a month ago that I would have high level sugar cereal, cream bun for morning tea, hot chips for lunch, biscuits for afternoon tea and top it all off with a very fattening meat and veg (heaps of butter over them).
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Re: Not looking for a quick fix.

Postby shutterbug » Tue Jul 29, 2008 11:25 pm

I've never heard of Duromine but if it works for you then go with it!
Good luck and I hope you achieve your goal weight/body.
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Re: Not looking for a quick fix.

Postby carinna » Wed Jul 30, 2008 1:28 am

Congratulations on starting your journey and welcome!=)

This is a great site and I know you will find everything uber helpful .

Gob bless and goodluck!
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Re: Not looking for a quick fix.

Postby tania2573 » Wed Jul 30, 2008 3:34 pm

Welcome to the forum and good luck with your goals.
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Re: Not looking for a quick fix.

Postby che » Thu Jul 31, 2008 4:34 pm

hi sherry, your post touched me, i know just what you mean about the sweet tooth and shaking the post baby weight. i had an unexpected baby at 42, and while not craving kfc and coke, i spent a pile on the chocolate drives at work (i'm surprised i didn't give birth to a chocolate froglet) and developed a passion for anzac biscuits so spent every spare minute cooking or drinking tea and eating. At home with baby the tea-and-biscuit cravings continued, and i have gained 5 kilos since i gave birth - going in the wrong direction!! i look forward to hearing of your successes.
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