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G'day From Me! - FluffieFaerie, aka Emma

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G'day From Me! - FluffieFaerie, aka Emma

Postby FluffieFaerie » Mon Aug 04, 2008 3:12 pm

Hi all! I'm so glad I've found this forum - I need all the help I can get!

My name is Emma, I'm a married 27 year old British SAHM who moved to Brisbane only 4 weeks ago from the UK!

I've struggled with my weight now since my early twenties. I don't remember specifically what triggered my negative self-image but my earliest recollection of it being a problem was around the age of 21. I've always known that I would have an issue with my weight. All the women in my mother's side of the family are ... hmm, I can't say a little overweight because that would be a lie, they are VERY overweight. My mother has been on a diet as long as I remember and I even remember attending Weight Watchers classes with her when I was about 5 or 6.

When I got engaged to my now husband at 22, I, like many brides-to-be decided to lose some weight for my big day. My mother had been attending Slimming World (a plan which I think most of you won't be familiar with as it's not made it over here yet) and in about 9 months I managed to lose 2st (28lb) and got down to a UK size 14 (I think that's a 16 here). After I married, I moved away from the area so I lost the support of my mother - we had supported each other whilst on the plan together and even my mother had great success which is unusual for her. I slowly started to pile back on the pounds and determined to beat this I joined a gym and another Slimming World group. Again, my weight continued to fall. I was at the gym every day for the best part of an hour. I eventually got down to a small size 12 (14 to you) at 10st 2lb (142lb) and was looking and feeling great. This was December 2004.

When we bought our house in April 2005, because we had very little money, I had to give up my Gym membership and with this I slipped on my healthy eating and the weight began to creep back on but plateaued to a point which I wasn't happy with but wasn't unhappy enough to do anything about it.

After I had my little boy in September 2006, being at home all day with him, my weight began to creep up even more. In December I wanted to buy a new outfit to wear when we went out at Christmas. I bought a size 18 jeans but they were really tight on me. I was horrified to realise that I was pushing into a size 20 (not sure what size that is over here, assume it's a 22). When I eventually made it back to Slimming World I weighed in at 185lbs - eek!

In just under a year, I managed to lose 35lbs and got down to a size 12 again (14). I was back at the Gym, putting my little one into the creche to attend Body Pump classes (which I just LOVE!). I then had to give up work in June this year so I found it impossible to get to the Gym. Between my time giving up work and moving to Australia, I gained about 6lbs. Since I got to Australia, 4 weeks ago, I've gained another 5lbs.

So this morning I weighted in at 157.2 lbs and today I re-started my diet. At the moment I haven't decided to stick to any particular regime, I'm just cutting out the junk that I've been eating since we got here.

It was always the intention to build up a small home gym when we got here so I've been researching treadmills etc - I could really do with some help on this as I've never had a home gym before and I'm sure it could probably be very easy to make an expensive mistake here. I have about $2,000 to spend and want to indclude weights and a treadmill, and perhaps another machine but I'm unsure which would be best. I don't want to spend my budget all at once.

Anyway, after that epic story, I expect you'll be seeing me lurking around a lot with (probably) very dense questions!!! I'm looking forward to making some new online Aussie freinds!!!

Emma xxx
Emma (27), full-time Mummy to a Cheeky Monkey (born Sept 06)
At my heaviest: 185lbs
At my lightest: 142lbs
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Re: G'day From Me! - FluffieFaerie, aka Emma

Postby echo13 » Tue Aug 05, 2008 11:56 am

Hello Emma!
My name is Anne, and I've gone through similar ups and downs - but without the joy of having a child!Unfortunately its just been the love of great food and living in a restaurant hub that has been my undoing.
I'm also a fellow Brisbanite - welcome, its a lovely city to live :)
Weighed in this morning at 79kg - my heaviest by far. I've piled on the weight in the last 18 months since moving in with my partner, we've gotten too comfortable with each other and so now its time to shape up! What kind of goals have you set initially? I want to get sub 75 by early next month, and take it from there. I'm aiming for low 60's by Christmas - fingers crossed!
Hope you're doing ok :)

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