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Postby krissyannabelle » Fri Aug 08, 2008 1:22 am

Hey all,

I'm gonna be very honest with you all. Its after midnight and I am at a real low. I've tipped the scales and weigh more than ever (approx 88kg) i have put on weight rapidly over the last couple of weeks and have felt my body adjusting to deal with the extra bulge. I'm an all or nothing type of girl and right now those familiar feelings of guilt and shame have hit back at me after indulging in some mudcake and icecream and biscuits and that was just for dessert.

I'm 26 years and approx 166cm. I have a fantastic partner and gorgeous son who is now one. I am still breastfeeding and adore being a mum. Im also doing a masters agree (online) so am really flat out. I have quite a pretty face and personality but just feel so craphouse after putting on this weight. I guess its a way to have a whinge and get it off my chest. I have a lot of issues that Dr Phil and Oprah often talk about but I wont burden you all with that. I suffer from panic attacks/anxiety and would be interested catching up with others with a similar story on here. Im an emotional eater and a sweet tooth. In fact I think I have a serious addiction to food. I crave it, I eat it, I feel guilty and eat again to feel better... Its the fat girls story and its time to make some changes. I also have that fantasty of looking good for summer and for my wedding.

I've tried Atkins/shakes in the past but they haven't really worked. Love to hear samples of what you eat and what has worked for you. Love and hugs and I really look forward to hearing your stories.

Love always Krissy xxo :oops:
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