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Big things, small packages

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Big things, small packages

Postby ChanelGal » Sat Aug 30, 2008 11:03 pm

Hi everyone!

I just stumbled across this forum as I searched the net for inspiration to solve a little dilemma I have...and if you feel like listening, it goes something like this..

I have never been hugely overweight, at most I was 15kg bigger than I should be. I am only little, about 5'2" and find that any extra weight is visible. Having lived a relatively healthy childhood (apart form my family's love of sugar!), I headed off to uni for 5 years of hard work, and 10kg of weight gain!

At the end of my 5 years I made a huge move to Sydney to a high profile and extremely weight conscious industry. From day dot, I started whittling down my weight to a point where I was happy with how I looked. I joined Weight Watchers and that seemed to really work for me. I found it easy to follow the plan and counting my points came naturally after a while.

About a year in, a friend of mine also asked me to 'do her a favour' and give up sugar, for a month, for an article she was writing. I accepted, but more as a challenge to myself. It was the most amazing, crazy, life changing thing I have ever done (and if anyone wants to ask me more, please feel free!).
I have to admit, I have a sugar addiction and I believe that the biggest flaw in my eating is the HUGE amount of sugar i consume. As such, this trial period allowed me to shift some extra kgs and literally glow form the inside out.

The downside is that after my 30 days, I decided to allow myself a little sugar...and then a little more....and the downward spiral began. A number of things happened in my personal life and I find myself here, in August, having piled on 7 kg in just 3 months! Having done all that hard work I am now beginning to lose my confidence again, and the circle continues.

SO I am here to ask for your support. I want to get back to where I was, plus a little bit more. But where to begin? I am prepared to do 1-2 weeks of hard core detox (as I think my body needs it) and would appreciate some suggestions on what I should include/exclude/do.

I feel like my issue is so small in comparison - I have read some amazing stories here of people losing tens of kilos - but I guess that everyone has their own struggle, and this is mine. I just dont want to live the rest of my 20s wishing I felt just that little bit better about myself.

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Re: Big things, small packages

Postby Freddy » Sat Aug 30, 2008 11:14 pm

Welcome to the forums, though I'm still new here as well ;)

You've got my support! I think we'd all support each other here. Let's be honest, we all have the same struggle. One's problem may just be a bit worse than the other's.
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Re: Big things, small packages

Postby ChanelGal » Sat Aug 30, 2008 11:27 pm

Thanks Freddy! From reading various threads on this site, I have to agree, it sounds like everyone is very supportive of each other. BETTER STILL everyone seems supportive of HEALTHY weight loss. Having lost and maintained my weight loss for over a year, I know how important it is to do it the right way. In the last couple of weeks I have searched the net for 'weight loss' and have found some very scary sites where members encourage each other to lose in a unhealthy way (you know the ones!). And I can see no good in the constant strive for perfection.

Speaking of... Did anyone manage to see Trinny and Sussanah's 'bottom' show the other night?! What an amazing display of how (women especially) have this idea of perfection in their heads. I love how T and S work to make us love our REALITY ie: imperfection = perfection.

I have put up my 'ticker' (i had never heard of those until I came here tonight), and have used a beach with a hula dancer. This is my little reminder of what I will be doing when I get to 10kg lost! Bring on the Summer!
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Re: Big things, small packages

Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Sun Aug 31, 2008 4:57 pm

Love your reasoning for choosing the hula girl! Welcome to the forum! We certainly do encourage healthy approaches to weight loss because after all, the best reason to lose excess weight is for your health, so to make health problems while losing weight would be counter productive! And everybody has different goals, and in fact 15kg is a very respectable goal. Good luck with it.
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Re: Big things, small packages

Postby Shalimar » Sun Aug 31, 2008 5:25 pm

Hello, welcome and best of luck :D .

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