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Im a newbie!!!

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Im a newbie!!!

Postby starbuck83 » Thu Sep 11, 2008 6:56 pm

Hi everyone

What a great forum, i cant believe i only discovered it last week!!!

On Saturday i started Duromine, i was very hesitant due to all the bad stuff u i was reading on the internet and was really scared to do it, but i NEEDED help. Im 25 female and currently weigh 127kg and 5"11 tall, and have put on 20 kg in the past 18mths. I have always been a bigger girl (thank god for my height) but packed on a fair bit of weight when i changed jobs 18 months ago. I used to work in retail where i was on my feet all day walking around, walking 15 mins to and from work everyday and now work in a office where i sit on my ar$e all day and catch a train to work!! And i had my gall bladder removed 3 months ago and that has made it really difficult to loose any weight, only put it on.... I have tried shakes, Weight Watcher, Lite n easy (this is a great diet to do, i just still felt hungry and lack motivation and will power).... and even made appointment to have lap banding surgery, but to pulled out of that one cause i was to scared

So i spoke to my doctor about it and thought i'd give it a try, and im so glad i tried it. I have only been on it for 6 days so far, the first 4 days i took the 15mg ones and had NO SIDE EFFECTS AT ALL, but still seemed to be hungry, so yesterday i took 30mg and have not been hungry at all and still no side effects. I take the tablets at 6:30 in the morning and have not had any problems sleeping at night, still able to go to sleep at 9pm. I havent had any extra energy, just not hungry anymore. Im still making sure I eat breakfast lunch and dinner and a piece of fruit during the day and i've lost 2KG already in just 6 days and still eating healthily!!

I hope that this helps others who are not sure about going down this track for help with their weightloss, as it was a major decision for me as i was scared of the side effects and all u seem to hear about is the bad stuff on the interenet. Yes i understand things effect everyone differently and i have been one of the lucky ones not to have any side effects, u just need to stay positive and try things for urself not just go off what everyone else says.

Hope the next couple months go as good for me as the past week has!!

SW 130kg (06/09/08)
GW 99 Kgs (then make another goal)
1st mini goal 120kgs (reached on 19/09/08)
2nd mini goal 110kgs
Main Mini Goal 99 kgs by April 2009
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