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wanting to go from 86kgs to 55kgs. While BFing ?

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wanting to go from 86kgs to 55kgs. While BFing ?

Postby 2bubs4us » Sun Sep 21, 2008 5:14 pm

Hi all,
At last look i was 86kgs i would like to be about 55kgs. (is this a great weight at 5.3feet tall?) or around 60kgs..

I used to be 49kgs when me and DH meet. (2001 i was sick after being away from home and not so good of shape. wearing a size 10. now i am almost a size 18 after the birth of #2 DS :oops: ).

This morning i had a protein shake for Breaky and a apple. Lunch was salad and some roast chicken. (with some full fat chesse, i couldn't afford the low fat this week).

then after lunch at 4pm i felt hungry so i had a apple and then some Vita Weats with vegimite on it. (and normal black and gold marg, will use fat free stuff when i can afford it tight budget.)

and i have had water with a some cordial in it. (I know that i shouldn't have the cordial but the water tastes s we have only got the water tower yesterday so it will take a while to flush the taste out )

Other then that how have i been for my first day? I know that the serve of salad today might have been a bit to big, but i was hungry :oops: and i am used to large sized meals.

So another thing is, what can i eat in the line of snacks/biscuts? (i also make milk cookies some times to keep my milk up. full of sugar but i will try and get the less sugar one soon.)

ETA: Oh also what salads and thing should i have? I know Tuna is good, but how much can i have and so on. all so i am the one that Cooks for the family so i would love to know things that i can make for the family that i can have, even if it is cutting something out of my serve.
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Re: wanting to go from 86kgs to 55kgs. While BFing ?

Postby yoyogirl88 » Sun Sep 21, 2008 8:58 pm

Welcome to the forums. Good luck on your journey.

As to the salads, I dont eat them so im not really much help there :) but Im sure the others will flood you with ideas.
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Re: wanting to go from 86kgs to 55kgs. While BFing ?

Postby lizzy85 » Tue Sep 23, 2008 9:17 pm

I think you are off to a good start!! Well done!

As for your question about salads i eat lots of salads, but i never limit the size of mine. However i do limit the protein i include with the salad. I add lots of veges, like lettuce, cucumber, snowpeas, tomatoes, carrots, alphapha... i also at gherkins and beetroot for extra flavour. I don't add cheese because of the fat in it. But you might like to add something like three bean mix.
I often have tuna or salmon with mine, i use a little ring pull tin, but i make sure it doesnt have oil. Some of the flavoured tunas and salmons are great. I love the greenseas tuna 'lime and cracked pepper'.


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