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this may be a lengthy programme!!

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this may be a lengthy programme!!

Postby miss2manyjigglybits » Sun Oct 12, 2008 2:53 pm

please advise anybody please!!! I am a 32 year old mum of 3 who has not been the healthiest person over the last 10 yrs. I was diagnosed with polysistic overies at the age of 13 and was diagnosised with ovarian cancer after i gave birth to my last child 10 1/2 yrs ago which I needed a partial hystorectomy. Since then i have undergone numerous operations for endometriosis untill 3 yrs ago i was diagnosised with a ktumor on my bowel which was removed along with any further ovaries i may have had left :x . Since then not only have i been left with a hirndous scar that goes from my pelvic bone to my belly button and if that doesnt make me feel unattractive enough I have gained over 30kgs going from around 60-65kgs to 100.4kgs. I have tried everything to loose this weight but i am so unmotivated at this stage its unbeliveable and is really getting me Down :( . I have just started to take Duramine tablets for about the 10th time and walking 30-45mins a day but I work from 7-5 every day so its hard to keep up with. I am now 2 days into the Duremine so fingers crossed but any word of wisdom or advice would be soooooooooo appreciated!!!!!
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Re: this may be a lengthy programme!!

Postby Shalimar » Sun Oct 12, 2008 4:43 pm

Hi and welcome, I can't help with the duromine as I have never taken it but good luck in reaching your goals. Have fun in the forums :D .

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Re: this may be a lengthy programme!!

Postby yoyogirl88 » Sun Oct 12, 2008 5:25 pm

Oh dear hun, you have had a rough trot. Keep on trying and don't love hope, It can and will come off. this place is great to help with support.

Im not sure if you have tried it but to minimise the scar a little Vitamin E oil straight from the capsules does WONDERS on scars. its a little messy cutting the caps open but well worth it ( I had an extremely bad acne/chicken pox scar in the middle of my chest 2 weeks before my yr 10 formal. 1 cap twice a day and it was gone by formal night, and it wasnt like a little dot it was the size of a 20cent piece.)

I cant wait to hear about your progress. :)
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Re: this may be a lengthy programme!!

Postby Alexandra » Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:09 am

Hello and nice to meet you! I hope you find some support and inspiration from the forums. I can understand why you don't have motivation, you're a mum of three AND your working outside the home full time AND you've been very ill. little wonder. Time to do the only thing mothers don't know how to do....wait for it....*whispers* look after yourself! BUT, I know, easier said than done.

A few things I've learnt along the way:-
1) Duromine - given you've had that before, I'm guessing you know about it, but for me, I had trouble sleeping and was totally wired (my main problem) however it helped to suppress my appetite and it did help me lose weight. It also made be cranky and irritable (not so hot for my family, I'm guessing, but this was a short term problem only) overall, I think, if under doctors orders and supervision, it may help then, why not!
HOWEVER, nothing beats:-
2) Good old fashioned healthly eathing, portion control, cutting out junk completely, drinking water and regular physical activity.
3) If only it was as easy to achieve as it is to "know" we wouldn't all be here!!!

If you are having trouble losing weight, have you had your thyroid function tested?

Good luck and keep us updated!


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