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New and in dire need of advice

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New and in dire need of advice

Postby dani » Sat Nov 08, 2008 8:22 am

Hello mates,
My name is Dani and I currently live in Sweden. I'm 30 years old.
This is not an attempt for attention, but I feel like I'm about to fall apart.
I have been overweight ever since I could remember, but I managed to lose a lot between the age of 26 - 28 where I dropped from 85kl (187pounds) to 60kl (132pounds). I was very happy and thought that the new lifestyle I've gotten myself used to would keep my weight maintained. I gained most of it back though... and I would have to admit it was my fault.. A lot of disappointments and hardships were taking place when I got married and moved to sweden with my husband. Everything was new, scary, and not what we had planned.. so I ate whatever and whenever I wanted.
I did however correct my eating habits when I finally realized that I had gained 10kl (20pounds), and permanently until this day. The problem was that I only capt on gaining instead of losing.
I did lose about 5kl in the beginning but then gained them back then lost 3kl then gained them again... you get the picture.

I've tried so many things starting from intense cycling 6-8 hours a week to cutting off all foods containing sugar or flour. I tried eating 5 mini-meals a day, doing tae bo cardio.. I tried following so many programs but nothing helped. Not even dieting the same way I did when I was 26-28.
Instead I kept gaining and gaining. Not just on the scale since I know trained muscles weight a lot more but also clothes getting tighter.

Now my weight has been stuck on 75kl for the past 6 months, and that really is not normal for someone who eats the right foods in the right amounts and exercises regularly, so I was advised to go see a doctor to check my glands and hormones.
The doctor checked my blood and everything and I was perfectly normal, so he told me that my genes are just that way. My body will always tend to store fat. I felt like trash of course. If I didn't have my husband I would have probably developed an eating problem but I'm lucky.

Then I found out about a diet program called one week. I'm only gonna explain to give a picture about it.
You basically take a vitamin and mineral supplement which rinses your body from toxins twice a day and are allowed 1200 calories of only boiled or grilled white meat without any salt or oil together with fresh or cooked vegetables. If you get hungry you're only allowed some non roasted/ salted nuts as snacks. You do this for one week and by the end your body should be free from toxins, and you notice that you eat less every meal and can't eat things that are too sweet or salty. The diet is supposed to get you to lose 3kl a week, after that week you're supposed to stop and eat normally for another week and then start again if you wish.
So I did this diet and it wasn't easy at all, but in time got used to it. I dropped from 76 to 72 in two months. It was very hard, but I couldn't ask for better results.
I even had myself do serious calorie counting in the weeks between to make sure I don't ever-eat when on break.

The best part was that the last week of this program I lost 2kl instead of 1, so I got really optimistic about it.. but the setback that hit me so hard that I'm finding it so hard to cope right now is that just 4 days after the start of this break week, my weight gradually went up from 72 and back to 74-75.. as if I've lost nothing at all after kicking my butt for two months. I thought it was the scale, or maybe just some water because I've had some feta cheese and green olives in my salad, but when I tried the clothes I usually measure myself with I did notice that I've bounced back up.
I know I might sound a little obsessive but I do know my body well, and to check that it wasn't just my head seeing things I got my husband (who is extremely supportive and happy no matter what I weight) to check, and he did notice there was a bit of gain as my sides felt like they used to.

I feel so awful. I don't know what to do. I don't understand. Some advice please?
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Re: New and in dire need of advice

Postby Shantige » Mon Nov 24, 2008 8:34 am

Hi Dani,

I was on diet roller coasters for quite some time as well. If you've had bloodwork done and the results were fine, that's a good start.

I don't particularly like the sound of one week. What it sounds like is quick weight loss which never lasts and always comes back with a vengence. You sound like you have an all or nothing streak in you (which I can totally relate to :lol: ) I would suggest baby steps. Get yourself a journal. Start off with making sure you get your 8 glasses of water in (track it - so important). Get a moderate amount of exercise. Walking 3 - 4 times a week to start. (Track it.)

Once your comfortable with those two steps, you can start looking at your foods and what you're going to do about that. You can be researching that while your getting used to the first two steps.

The tortoise approach is the way to go when looking at long-term weight-loss. It sucks I know, but your body will thank you by not piling all that weight and then some back on. I'd be happy to chat anytime, if you need a weight loss bud.

Take care,
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Re: New and in dire need of advice

Postby mumnbub » Mon Nov 24, 2008 7:20 pm

Going from one diet to another will only confuse your body and will lead to storing fat. Dont deprive yourself at any stage, make sure your eating all the nutrients you need. Have you considered taking an omega 3 suppliment? this will help alot with feeling hungry. I have a suppliment 3 times a day as well as a pro biotic in the morning with a fruit smoothy and i dont need to have anything until lunch. Eating lots of salmon is great aswell.
The other thing you need to do is sort out the head- if you dont understand what was causing you to gain the weight your body will continue to store fat as a way of coping- no matter how well you eat your body will store fat if it thinks you want protection.
Once i started looking after all parts of me I started to shift the weight and have lost 15kg. I was seeing a counceller for a while then really looked at what was in food and how i was cooking it. I always cooked my veggies until they were really tender but now i only just warm them that way they retain their goodness.
I hope this all helps- remember you need to believe you can do it, dont concentrait on what has been happening in the past, just say to yourself that you deserve to be thin and healthy, really believe it and it will fall into place.
Good luck :)
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