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Postby Bargeworth » Sun Nov 09, 2008 4:39 pm

Greetings fellow fatties!!

I, like most people here I guess, have joined for some extra support with trying to lose weight I so drastically need to drop.

A little about me, well my weight loss struggles anyway - Well I guess I have had a little bit of a rollercoaster with my weight. I was always quite a hefty kid, despite playing sports constantly (predominantly rugby league & surfing). I lost the weight at around 15-16 and got into lifting weights so stacked some muscle back on. Played football for the lower grades with an NRL team from age 17 for a couple of years (till 21) so I was training 8-10 sessions a week so had no choice but to stay in shape. I was basically around the 88-90kg mark at about 8% body fat. After I finished up with them I started putting the bad weight back on slowly and losing muscle till about 23 when I hit the big 100kg mark (a personal best at the time) and started ripping back into training. Got myself back down to 80kg at about , stayed around there for about 18 months but then got a promotion with work where I was constantly travelling interstate and taking people out to lunches/dinner etc so unable to get into any sort of routines and under constant temptation I let myself not just slip back into old habits of eating censored and not training but really ramped it up with constant drinking and smoking as well and the weight piled on ultra-fast!

I'm now 27 (nearly 28) and sitting at an all time high of 113kg and feel so bad mentally and physically. I'm quite determined to get myself back into shape ASAP but also to keep myself sitting there. I've given up work at the moment and have gone back to complete my study which frees up alot of time to get back into some solid training habits.

A good weight for me is 80-85kg so my goal is to get there and stay around that weight. (By the way I am 5"10' but I don't believe in the BMI index).

Growing older (I said older cause I definitely don't want to be growing up!) I have started to realize i'm not invincible anymore and faced with my mortality it is clearer to me than ever before I need to get into and keep myself in condition otherwise it's going to be a pretty boring and short path ahead filled with trips to the hospital and doctors and all sorts of lifestyle diseases but a distinct lack of censored as well!!!

Not too many of my mates these days are that into training and none of them are in the same position as me where they drastically need to drop 30-35kg so talking (or typing anyway) censored out on this forum will hopefully give me the extra motivation I need to drop it and keep it off.

thanks, peace out!!
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Re: Greetings

Postby Freddy » Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:11 pm

Hey there, welcome to the forums. Good luck on your journey, and I hope we can and will be some good motivation for you.
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