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Hi There!

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Hi There!

Postby Missy_Muffins » Fri Dec 12, 2008 8:24 pm

Hi Everyone!

I'm Kim! 23 and Live in Perth Western Australia with my Partner Gareth and my 5 Year old Daughter Kianna.

I'm Currently embarking on a Weightloss journey much the same as all of you!

I'm doing this by Exercising and Cutting out Carbs! So far so Good! I've only started this last week so no real weight loss
But im definately seeing a dramatic difference in regards to bloating and the tummy that looks as though im carrying a 7 month old baby!
(Lucky for me im not!) LOL

I'm some where between 80-85 Kilos aout 5'5 so as you can imagine its Fairly big for someone of my height!
Ideally i'd like to be some where around 68-69 Kilos and then re-assess my self!

Anyway i hope too get too know some of you

Thanks! for reading this far!

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Re: Hi There!

Postby mumnbub » Sat Dec 13, 2008 3:16 pm

Hi Kim, welcome to the forum- am sure you will love it as much as I do :) . Do you have a set of scales and tape measure? Its good to do both as some weeks you might gain muscle but lose fat so the scales wont really change or may even go up but if you measure yourself then you will have a better picture of your progress.

Good luck with it all
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09/02/09- 79.3kg
Next goal 75kg

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Re: Hi There!

Postby summerheart » Sat Dec 13, 2008 3:26 pm

Hi Kim,

Welcome to the forum. I think you will find it is a great place to find support and advice. Look forward to hearing about your journey.

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