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hey everyone!!

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hey everyone!!

Postby mummy2dylan » Fri Feb 27, 2009 5:15 pm

Hi guys! my name is Emma and im a 22 yo mummy of a gorgus little man Dylan whos 4. I had an account early last year but have forgotton my password and username so i thought id start fresh with a new one..Ok heres my story...Ive had a little bit of a struggle with my weight ever since I had Dylan (I was 54kg at the time i got pregnant and reached 80kg at the end). Ive been on so many diets since my weight normally staying between 65-75kg....Then in november I decided I wanted another child and stopped taking the pill,and sadly stopped watching what I was eating..I could feel myself putting on weight and I thought I could just go healthy again when I fell pregnant..big mistake!! Just recently I was 5 weeks late and convinced I was pregnant, got negative hpts so saw my dr for a blood test..turns out I now have a hormonal imbalance due to stopping the pill and it had caused me to gain 10kg in 3 months (the lack of healthy food has to have contributed as well) and im not making any eggs either..the dr told me I have to try and lose the weight and get healthy in order to try and improve my hormones and start ovulating..exercise everyday and not eat past 5pm..if i dont fall pregnant or get period in 8 weeks i may need to get some sort of hormone to balance it out..i just really want to do this on my own and get healthy so i can have another baby soon..i thought this forum would be a good inspiration asnd make it a bit easier knowing its not just me who proud to say tho this is my 5th day so far living on very low fat and exercising everyday, i just hope i cAn stick to it!!!
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Re: hey everyone!!

Postby flutterby » Tue Mar 03, 2009 1:41 pm

Hi Emma :D

I am new around here too (I was here briefly before my 3rd pregnany) and just wanted to say hi and good luck with losing weight, and your plans for another bub!

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