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Im New !!

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Im New !!

Postby ramatang » Thu Mar 19, 2009 12:24 pm

Hi Everyone..

My name is Simone.. Im 27 Years old am Married and have 2 beautiful little girls...
I have been fat my whole life.. I think the smallist I can remember being is a size 16.. I have tried to loose weight so many times.. Ive tried Weight Watches about 3 times, pills, shakes.. You name it Ive done it..

This time I am sticking to it and really going to try and finish what Ive started..
I joined the Gym 7 weeks ago and have started controling my calories... I think I am doing well as I have lost 5.4 KG in 7 weeks..

But I am getting to the point where I dont ever think Im going to make it as I have so much to loose.. I know everyone says take it in small lots but Im not sure how to get my head around that.. Does anyone else feel that this is all they think about at the moment ?? I lay in bed thinking about my weightloss, I watch TV thinking about my weightloss.. Its all the time.. When will I my weightloss just control its self like 2nd nature so I dont think about it constantly ???

Height - 163cm
Starting Weight - 108.7 KG
Goal Weight - 60 -65 KG
Current Weight - 103.3 KG
Height - 160cm
Starting Weight - 114KG
Goal Weight - 70KG
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Re: Im New !!

Postby CrimsonThunder » Thu Mar 19, 2009 5:40 pm

Welcome to the forums. May I suggest you have mini goals, as your main goal is far off, having mini goals gives you something close to work for and you feel great when reaching one.

And the gym is the real place to lose weight. Shakes wont work unless you work out.
- Stevo
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