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Hmmm Where too from here?

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Hmmm Where too from here?

Postby justagirl » Sat Apr 04, 2009 3:01 pm

Well I guess you could say I have a common story.
I was actually an underweight baby... and up until the age of about 8 I continued to look malnurised. Then something happened.
BANG.. I hit a growth spurt.. Up and out I went.
By the time I reached age 11, at a guess I weighed about 65 kilos.
During high school, I fluctuated.. I think the most I ever got to was about 75.
In the years following my exit from high school into the work force, I suffered some heavy losses(not the weight loss kind)
That of my mother, grandmother and aunt all in a very short period of time.
I wasn't weighing myself during this time, but the stretch marks on my belly tell the story.... And my fat pants were a size 18. So i'm guessing I could have been over 90ish?
After this my dad got sick, and for once I was to upset to actually eat.
I had surgery on my jaw which put me on a liquid diet for atleast a month.
Instant weight loss!!! But of course I was concentrating on the changes to my face.
I got down to 79 kilos before I realised that I should go with the flow and keep on with the weight loss.
I joined lite n easy, and then curves. I only stuck with both of these for under two months. But the result over less than 6 months ended up being 18 kilos or there abouts.
I felt good, and I looked okay at this weight... My confidence soured.. sorta but I was still heavily depressed.
My dad got better, and I started treatment for depression... And low and behold 13 months later I am back.
91-ish kilos 92 on a bad day.
I find it hard to believe I'm back here again..
I was 9 kilos out from my ideal weight.. the weight that would have put me into a healthy BMI scale for the first time since i was 8 years old.
Ironically.. If I hadn't taken my finger off the button I'd have reached the same weight i was when I was 11.

I Now look at my face (fat again) The resumed stretch marks.. that are slightly pink again. I pat my belly and think to myself "Oh im not that much bigger"
Everything might still fit, but it doesn't look good.
I can imagine that things will continue to get worse if I keep going down this path.
PS: My fat pants totally fit again, and this is devestating since at one point they would fall off.

I am looking for some direction.. I have a goal.. that goal is 67 Kg's.
But that goal.. is far far away... again.

I am not the best with my diet.. but I'm not the worst either.
I could eat more fruit and veggies, I've subconciously upped my water intake by quite a bit lately.. Thats something I guess.
Exercise is a killer for me, once I'm into a routine.. i feel great..
But its hard to keep me in that routine, so if anyone has any advice for that it would be greatly appreicated.
As for healthy eating, I'm really open to everything...
I'm much better at sticking to that, and not cheating.

So here I am
SW: roughly 92kg
GW: Anything under 70kg will do.

I don't really have any huge motivating factors besides wanting to get healthy, I am pretty much up for trying anything.
Any suggestions are so more than welcome.
Just kind of sick of going this alone

- Caragh
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Re: Hmmm Where too from here?

Postby Alexandra » Sun Apr 05, 2009 5:30 pm

Hi and welcome to the forum. There are heaps of ideas and pointers and much needed support and encouragement here. There are many points of view and ways of achieving the ultimate goal. No one has the magic bullet unfortunately and it's a matter of finding what works for you. You've been successful in the past at shedding kilos and I have every faith in you that you can do it again :D you have all the tools you need :D

One thing that strikes me about your lovely honest and open post is that you need to make sure you are on top of your depression. I know what that's like. I lost my father and my marriage in a matter of a few months and depression is crippling. Make sure you keep up your treatment so that you have the energy to put yourself and your health first. It takes time and energy to work on your diet and exercise (even if you are just walking around the block) and little steps are all you need to start with first like cutting out the junk and upping your vegies etc. You already sound like you're on the right track.

I look forward to reading all about your success! Best wishes, Alexandra :D

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