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I'm new! :)

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I'm new! :)

Postby Chiggy » Fri Apr 24, 2009 10:08 pm

Hi everyone, it's my first time here so decided to join - it looks like a great place :)

A bit of background on me:

I am a 28 year old female who, for as long as I can remember, has always been overweight. I am a smoker and I have decided the packet that I am on now will be my last. I was diagnosed with anxiety & depression late 2007, was on meds for a year, came off them in December 2008 and have recently had a relapse, infact, was just put back on the meds today. I need to lose about 50kgs, acutally more than that, but I think 50kgs is a good goal for the moment. So as of tomorrow morning, I'm starting my new life. I WILL exercise daily, I WILL eat healthier and I WILL need a lot of support and inspiration.

On the brighter side of things, I live with my partner of 5 years with our two babies, Floyd & Lola, both English Staffordshire Bull Terriers, in the western suburbs of Sydney. I work for a very large logistics & freight company in the finance department. I have a massive love for music, make up and shopping. I don't know what I'd do without the internet (jeez, that's sad.. lol) and I love playing the Xbox 360. Hopefully one day, I'll be able to add "I love exercising and being active" :lol:

So now I'm going to have a nose around the forum. See you around! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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Re: I'm new! :)

Postby MVick07 » Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:43 am

Hey there, nice 2 meet you!

Glad to hear you are quitting the smoko.. i plan to do the same.... its great to hear you have the motivation and the desire and im sure you will motivate others too :)

Keep us posted on your efforts!
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Re: I'm new! :)

Postby Shalimar » Sat Apr 25, 2009 10:35 am

Hi chiggy and welcome aboard :D , losing a big amount of weight seems like a big task, and it is, try breaking it up into smaller mini goals and take it one at a time. You WILL get there, just keep with it.

I love Staffies, we have a Staffy X Bull Terrier and a pure bred Bully, they are gorgeous little things.

Lot's of luck and let us know how you are going along the way.

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Re: I'm new! :)

Postby Chiggy » Sat Apr 25, 2009 11:12 am

Thanks for the welcomes!! :)

I'll definitely be updating my progress along the way!!
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Re: I'm new! :)

Postby alisvolatpropriis » Tue Apr 28, 2009 12:52 pm

Hey Chiggy - how is your quitting smoking going?

I am trying to quit too - it's too hard :oops:

and Good luck with your weight loss!
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