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Just Joined...Hi Everyone

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Just Joined...Hi Everyone

Postby faith2c » Sun May 03, 2009 1:19 am

Hi, I am new & live in NSW Australia. I was told by my surgeon last tuesday that before it would be safe enough to do spinal surgery on me that I need to lose about 30 kilos. I was very disappointed & started on Optifast yesterday. 2 Optifast meals & a small normal meal at teatime. Any other suggestions for losing weight would be greatly appreciated.
Hugs Valerie xx
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Re: Just Joined...Hi Everyone

Postby BBgal » Sun May 03, 2009 6:25 pm

Hi! Well I guess the biggest thing I could say to you is just never give up! you may have a few slip ups but if you keep going you will always get to your destination. I am guessing due to the nature of your surgery that physical exercise is out of the question?if not maybe just get some wrist/ankle weights and wear them around the house as a little extra body use? I would also suggest you get rid off all temptations ( choccies and chippies and snacks ....ohh my!) or if you cant cos you have others in the house that would flip out, try having healthier substitutes such as diet jellies, olives, cuts celery and carrot sticks, air popped popcorn etc.... this is just in case you do go a little crazy ( like I do :oops: ) and demolish the kitchen looking for anything that I can shove in my mouth. The other thing would be read up about nutrition and weight loss, if you understand something better it makes it easier to carry out what needs to be done, And last but not least REMEMBER you are not alone.... everyone here has a similar story and if your finding it tough don't feel embarrassed or ashamed we all have done it tough at times, just hope on line and chat and read the other stories on here and just remember NEVER GIVE UP!!!!... good luck!!!
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Re: Just Joined...Hi Everyone

Postby moo86 » Wed May 06, 2009 4:49 pm


I just joined too. I am starting Celebrity Slim tomorrow, though I think I am coming down with a cold, so i may unfortunately need to put the start of shakes off until I am feeling better.

Best of luck with reaching your goal weight :D
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