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Introducing... JulieAnne

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Introducing... JulieAnne

Postby JulieAnne » Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:09 pm

Hi There Folks,

My Name is JulieAnne, I'm 25yrs old and weigh 77kgs. This is the biggest I've ever been and I'm hating it so much!

My latest weigh loss campaign (the others have never been so serious) started when I found Curves fitness centers. So I joined up, got myself measured (hated the results), did about 2 weeks worth of workouts. I was really enjoying going to the gym and doing my workout, it was the only 45mins of nearly every day that i could space out and just focus on me, and my goals and I loved it. I felt so good, felt like I had so much energy and was being a little more aware of the foods I was eating because I was working so hard.

Then I went away for a break at Easter. I was visiting my boyfriend in Dysart and we were riding motorbikes (which I love doing but it was my first time) and I had a little stack. Anyway, I've now hurt my knee and can't really train as hard at the center until my knee is fixed. Which I'm pretty annoyed about, cause I've never been this big before and I've never been this motivated to do something about it and now my body wont let me. Grrr....

My problem is, I comfort eat, eat when I'm bored, eat sweet things when they are there, eat too much take away food, and I love my pasta and cheesy flavors, oh and lets not forget my close relationship with chocolate. *sighs*

So after my 2 weeks at the gym, and hurting my knee and not going to the gym for 6 weeks, my knee had finally healed enough to a point where I could go back again. It was at this point that I was due for another weight in. Since my first assessment when I joined, I'd gained... nearly 2kgs, my Body Fat % had only gone up a little but my arms where bigger. They told me that the arm measurements would have been muscle so that was alright. But it wasn't that measurement which made me sick!!

So I've been to the Doctor lately cause I hurt my knee again (at gym after I'd gone back and I sat on it funny at a friends house) as I wanted to get it checked out. She wrote me a referral for a knee specialist and I got xrays done. Basically it needs fixing and I need to work gently with it. Oh, and it can be quite painful at times, which holds me back.

So after returning to my doctor and showing her my x-rays I've basically gotta make an appointment with the knee specialist and take things from there. So I was disucssing alternatives with my doctor, things like shakes etc and she's prescribed to me Duromine. Now I've been reading a little bit about it here on the forum and I must say I am slightly scared about taking it now. But things like that effect everyone differently I guess and all I can do is wait and see.

Sorry for writing a short novel but I figured you'd all wanna know My Story, so I thought I'd tell it.

I look forward to meeting you folks and chatting about all things weight loss.

Cheers for your time,
Cheers, JulieAnne
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Re: Introducing... JulieAnne

Postby Butterfly_Dawn » Tue Jun 23, 2009 9:47 am

Hi JulieAnne,
Welcome to the forum! Working with an injury is never fun, but it can be done. Just make sure you go to your doctor with an attitude of "what CAN I do" rather than "what CAN'T I do" and you'll be on track. They'll probably tell you swimming is a good idea.
Look forward to having you around!
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Re: Introducing... JulieAnne

Postby ByeByeCurves » Sun Jul 19, 2009 3:23 am

Hi JulieAnne,

I am currently experiencing sort of similar circumstances I have injured knees and I am on day 5 of taking Duromine, I thought it was a little daunting at first as well, but I believe if it is used as a weight loss kickstart rather than the whole diet plan it should be effective, I researched thoroughly and spoke to people I know who have tried it before I started on it, but I am feeling good so far I found alot of tips on here, I was getting small headaches and dry mouth, and I didn't really attribute it to the Duromine but reading a post I learnt that drinking extra water helps so I tried that and Voila no headached no dry mouth, the sleep problems havent affected me so far but I guess thats person to person, Good Luck with your weight loss :) It is hard with sore knees. I do find that swimming is the best way to exercise but I have been unable to swim as it is BLOODY COLD lol and my local pools aren't heated so are closed for winter. But if you can find somewhere or you have a pool it is definately the best way. Post again to let me know how you get on with the duromine and your knees :)


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