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Introducing... ME!

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Introducing... ME!

Postby ByeByeCurves » Sun Jul 19, 2009 3:11 am

I have just discovered this site recently and have been enjoying myself alot reading the posts and gaining alot of helpful information, but it is time for me to make a proper introduction!

A little bit about me ........................

I'm 21, I live in Qld, I'm married with one 2 yr old daughter. I work in the restaurant at the local pub, as well as studying my cert IV in Project Management by distance education and I also do all the book keeping for my hubbys' business :) I have varying interests but nothing I'm overly excited about... I like to read, enjoy exercising but have been unable to ... more on that later... I like music but I'm not a fanatic, mostly I just like to enjoy myself with family and friends, whatever that may be doing.

My weight story.......................
Before puberty I was always the very skinny child that doctors would question whether I was fed enough, I started competitive synchronised ice-skating when I was 11 and continued for 3 years, when puberty hit around 14 I became became curvy but not quite chubby. When I was 17 I was 76kg, no skinny thing but still healthy enough and I was very comfortable in my body, I travelled to Germany in a student exchange program that year and came back weighing 80kg, and starting to get more chubby than curvy but still I was comfortable, a couple of months later I got engaged and our plan was to wait until I was 18 to make it an official engagement, and 20 to get married .... however plans being plans 2 months later I discovered I was 4 weeks pregnant!
Then the plan changed to , making the engagement official about a month before I turned 18 so not too bad compared to the original plan and getting married after we had the baby and could afford it... But my parents offered to pay for our wedding for my 18th Birthday present ... (kicking myself now...could have had a car :P) So married we were a couple of months after my birthday. At the time I was 6 months pregnant, some people think that being so far along and getting married is distasteful, but I absolutely loved my wedding and my photos are amazing... it was our whole family getting married :)
Anyway... getting off track here, During my pregnancy I developed very bad knee problems, I have always had bad knees mostly caused by my ice-skating when I was younger but they were excruciatingly painful and I could not walk without pain, even the memories make me wince. When I had my daughter I was 101kg so I had gained alot during the pregnancy, however with the extra weight gain I found it difficult to exercise as my knees would hurt more than they had before. My doctor has always recommended that I only ever exercise by doing light walking... but I tend to ignore my doctor hehe.
So from 2006 up until about a month ago I gained another 8kg and totalled 109kg, my hubby and I had been discussing having another child so I decided to talk to my doctor about weight loss as if I were to get pregnant at this weight I can only begin to imagine how bad the pain would be for my knees, I didn't cope very well the first time around, and hopefully with some extra planning my next pregnancy will be easier!
When I talked to my doctor we discussed the option of Duromine tablets, I have researched it thoroughly and the doctor agreed that it would be a good way to kickstart my weight loss, especially enough to get me to a weight where I can exercise, however I was on cold & flu tablets at the time so the doctor told me to come back in a couple of weeks when I had finished them as they do not mix with Duromine. However, me being me and my plans never going quite right I caught a vomitting virus and was rather ill, it was awful but the upside was I lost 10kg in one week, I didn't think much of it as I figured it would come back on especially as the following week I ate like a monster, and lots of junk just because it felt so good to be able to eat again, but freakishly enough I lost another 3 kg...
I went to my doctor (who was so proud of all my weight loss hee hee) and started Duromine 15g on Tuesday I stayed on those for 2 days and then changed to the 30g, I am now on day 5 of the Duromine but I only want to weigh weekly so on Tuesday I will let you know where I'm at!

Wow that is alot of writing... lol well if anyone manages to read through my rambling I look forward to hearing from you as I am liking the support that this site provides and I hope I can find some people to help me on my journey to healthiness


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