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Newbie with an attitude (weight gain with exercise & dieting

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Newbie with an attitude (weight gain with exercise & dieting

Postby Kiya » Fri Jul 24, 2009 10:44 am

Greets peeps!

Yes I have a big attitude but don't worry my attitude is a good one hehe. I am super positive and disciplined in life however I have a tendency to gain weight.

This time I am going down the Reductil (Reds) path along with organic vegetarian eating (I am veg anyway) & a lot less chocolate! I am also determined to do at least 8000 - 10000 steps a day and I use the web site daily.

My doctor prescribed Reductil as my diet and exercise produced disastrous results this time. I just spent 3 months of intensive training with a live-in personal trainer/dietitian (best friend) and I did 13km a day mountain walking & cardio mini trampoline plus followed a calorie controlled dieting to gain 1.5kgs! Needless to say I was feeling majorly down in the dumps about that result.

I was tested for thyroid issues, and everything else under the sun. My doc/naturopath thinks it may be a combination of psychological and hormonal changes. In essence my body needs a little reprogramming. I have a BMI of 27 which allowed my doctor to give me the Reds as I have a fractured back and need to keep my weight down even thought I am not obese.

I hope to meet/make new friends here and give & take encouragement from our journeys... wish me luck!
(I wish you all luck too!)
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