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Time to have a proper crack at it!!

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Time to have a proper crack at it!!

Postby Mickc » Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:11 pm

Hi Guys and Girls,

I'm a 36yo Male from Vic, started my new journey 5 weeks ago at 174kg, now lost 12kg, and powering to my goal of 90kg. I have tried Cohens a couple of years ago, and got down to 130kg, then thought, well i know i can do it now, I will just have a month off the diet.... that "one month" lasted over 2 years, and gained me 44 kg.
6 weeks ago, I was borderline alcoholic, i could drink a whole bottle of vodka on a worknight, and still function the next day. One time i even drank a whole 5 litre cask of wine in 3 hours. I would drink 3-4 energy drinks a day, but I would still get out of breath just walking from the car to the house.

The other day I made a CalorieKing diary of what I used to eat on a typical day.
10,695 Calories
494g of Fat
225g Saturated Fat
1,013g of Carbohydrate
332g of Sugar
12,239mg of Sodium
and only 26g of Fibre..

At the end of June this year, my BP was through the roof (220/105!!) Blood sugar was 23, obvioulsy cholesterol etc was also horrid.

Anyway, that was the old me. Something in my head just clicked and I started the process of my new lease on life.
My doctor also told me there was no coming back this time, because if I lost weight, then went back to the censored above that I was doing, I would probably die.

From that day, i have completely changed my lifestyle, diet and habits. I have not had an alcoholic drink since, no fast food, soft drink, take away or junk food. I have switched to low/no fat foods, Low GI, high fibre etc. I exercise 7 days a week, walk 10-15 km on the weekends, cardio and weights at the gym every morning. I went to a dietician, as part of the type 2 diabeties i now have, and she said my new diet was perfect.

So 6 weeks on, and now my BP is 130/85, blood sugars are down to 7-8, and 12 kgs are already gone. plust the new fitness increases are making a big difference.
I might not be losing weight as quick as i was on Cohens, but at least i know it will stay off this time.

Anyway, hello to you all, and I look forward to sharing my jourmey with you.

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Re: Time to have a proper crack at it!!

Postby Miss Jo » Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:25 pm

Hi Mick,
Welcome to the forum and good on you for making that decision to change your lifestyle!

Well done on the first 12kgs!!! and good luck with your journey! You WILL do very well!!!

Miss Jo :D
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Final GW: 60kg
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Miss Jo
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Re: Time to have a proper crack at it!!

Postby court » Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:31 pm

Wow Mick what a story.

Congratulations on turning your life around!! You have added years to your life and I am sure your body clock is going to continue to tick backwards! For that I applaud you massively!! :D
So good to hear you are doing it in a way that you can now maintain - cant wait to hear your progress!!

Court x
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