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Postby chloe_icdi » Fri Aug 21, 2009 11:13 am

Hi everyone
Im Chloe and im 20.
im 178cm and as of this morning weigh 81.7kg.
i have had issues with my body for as long as i remember. i have lost weight, then gained it back numerous times.
i am constantly thinking about what i eat and have tried so many stupid diets to get rid of the extra weight. i cut out certain foods, and i know that it is not what i should be doing.
so this time in order to make sure i am constantly eating a variety of foods and eating enough calories in a day im going to go on lite n easy.
i also want to make sure i go to the gym regularly.
i feel that if i write everything on this, i will be more accountable for everything which is what i need.
i will start a thread in personal progress so feel free to pop by and say hey and help me to finally do this!

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Re: hey!

Postby chubbychecker » Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:29 pm


I'm also here to be more accountable, and will be posting my progress aswell - good news or bad news - every week.

You should do well if you stick to the lite n easy meals. What do you mean by cutting out certain foods? Do you mean cutting out junk food or skipping meals?

Good luck, I hope to hear about your progress in the near future!
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