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New to the forums and need HELP!!!!!!

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New to the forums and need HELP!!!!!!

Postby melhert » Tue Sep 01, 2009 3:07 am

Hi im 30yrs and i weigh 150kg. This is the heaviest i have ever been real concern is that just over 6 months ago i was only 125kg so i have put on 25kg. Been this weight is affecting my health, my job and also my studies at uni. My downfall is food im always hungery and when i do eat i know my brain tells me to eat something healthy but i end up eating the wrong thing. So my brain has given up. My support circle is limited to 2 people my husband who i just love to bits and my very best friend who is in the same situation as me. But her weight was put on by haveing 3 children plus her eating habits as well. Me i want children i want them so very much. i need help and advice on what to do. i only work casual as a carer for a nursing home but im at university studying to be a RN this is my dream job and they way im going i may not get there. Please help me i have started walking with my husband but i need to be motivated more.
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Re: New to the forums and need HELP!!!!!!

Postby TheRealMe » Tue Sep 01, 2009 8:36 pm

Hi Melhert,
I am new here too, and have a lot to loose too. You have taken the first step to becoming much healthier and feeling so much better. Just making a stand and deciding to commit to looking after your diet and walking with your husband is such a great thing. We need to keep focused on how good we are going to feel as the kilos come off. I know this sounds funny, but I plan to buy a kilo bag of flour each time I lose a kilo and as those kilos come off, so the number of bags of flour will increase. Ever put 5 kilos of flour in a shopping bag and lifted it up? What a thrill it will be to think that we aren't lugging that 5 kilos around on our bodies every step we take! :D Goodness knows what I'll do when I have 50 kilos of flour stored up in the spare room! hehe.
Have a great day, and keep coming back here, I just know it's going to be worth it.

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Re: New to the forums and need HELP!!!!!!

Postby Julz » Tue Sep 01, 2009 10:43 pm

Hi Melhert, Welcome to the forum :)

Its a great step you have taken preparing yourself to lose weight, I'm sure you can reach your goals if you put your mind to it and you will feel all the better for it. If you are having problems eating crap you shouldn't eat I would suggest ridding your house of junk food, it has worked for me :lol: I'd also recommend joining up at the calorieking website I found it invaluable in the first couple of weeks for keeping me accountable for what I was putting in my mouth. Its great that your hubby is supporting you, it makes things so much easier when you have someone just to walk with or give you a kick up the butt or pat on the back when you need it. Weightloss os the best thing you can do for yourself if you are planning on having kids, I had to have fertility treatment to fall pregnant with my second child and maybe if I wasn't morbidly obese at the time I could have concieved normally. Its also no fun being really fat and pregnant :(

Best wishes for your journey ahead and remember to just take things one day at a time one kg at a time eventually all those 1kg losses will add up to a huge number.
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