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New member 23 year old woman!

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New member 23 year old woman!

Postby leonie86 » Fri Sep 04, 2009 4:08 pm

Hi everyone! My name is Leonie, I'm 23 years old and live in Brissie. Right now it's so quiet at my work so instead of doing nothing on facebook I decided to join a weightloss forum so that I can talk about my experiences.

I was always a little bit bigger that the other kids at school and as I've grown up the slightly bigger one than all my girlfriends. I have tried lots of different diets. I will list them below.

No carb diet - lasted 6 months, lost 8 kgs and did not exercise.

Jenny Craig, was on it for 3 months, quite expensive but lost 5 kgs.

Then in the past few months I have taken up eating sensibly and exercsing alot. I got to the gym 4-5 times a week and am pretty good with what I eat but noticed I wasn't losing any weight although I was becoming more toned. I am currently 68kgs and 158cm tall so by no means obese (although those wankas at fitness first did say I was obese when I first joined) but I am overweight and carry alot of it in my waist and stomach. I think it's from abit too much partying and wine :)

Anyway I want to lose about 5 kgs to start with and then eventually another 5kgs. As I don't have too much to lose it does get hard because the weight will come off slower. I am currently on reductil and am going to make a topic about it because I would like to chat with other people who have used it.

That's it for me! Look forward to speaking with you all!!
A picture of me recently at my 23rd (I'm in the white)
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