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Hey Everyone;

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Hey Everyone;

Postby Beunique » Thu Sep 17, 2009 11:33 pm

Hey guys! I'm new to the forums (I just googled 'weight loss forums' on a whim!) and so, I just wanted to drop in and introduce myself real briefly (:

My name's Jessenia (Jesse or Jess for short), I'm young - 18 - but I really do feel the pain of being overweight - I believe it's not something that you come to understand/empathise with with age, but rather, with experience. I was always that fat, dark girl in class - I've had to live with being bigger all my life, and honestly, I am through with it. I've never had high self-esteem, always been quite self-conscience and feel like I've never really been able to be "me", to my ultimate potential. I'm sure a lot of you guys also feel the same.. so I love that there's this large (Australian!) community here for all of us to support each other (:

I've been off and on "diets" all my life.. ugh. I remember being eight and having to tell my mother that I couldn't eat what she had served for dinner because 'I was on a diet', hahah xD But I suppose it all seriously started at the end of last year - my senior year at high-school, where every one was buzzing on about the Formal, of course, and most importantly, the dress. I'd pack salads for lunch, joined Fitness First, and go every second day after school. I lost about 3kilo's in 2 months before the Formal. Most depressing thing ever. I then continued to pack on the pounds over Christmas and New Years. There's just something about that Christmas atmosphere that makes me want to throw all my insecurities and worries out the window and let myself eat to my hearts content - even though I know the consequences - this happens every Christmas. Does anyone else feel that way around Christmas? :roll: Anyway, continuing on.

So in April/May, I picked myself up again, resumed going to the gym after and/or before my uni tutes/lectures and started the Biggest Loser Replacement Meal (Shake) diet. I lost perhaps 1 kilo over a month and gave up afterwards. I was expecting to see immediate results, I admit that now. Isn't there a saying/fact that states "the body can potentially loose 1-2kg's in a week of dieting"? It didn't happen - so I packed my (gym) bags, stuffed my face and moped for another month. How could the shake diet not work immediately for me, after it had worked like that for so many others?

I let myself go for another month, then decided to start the Celebrity Slim Replacement Meal (Shake) diet with my best friend. I believe now that having a buddy, having someone there to support you, speak your language (not literally), bag you out if you fail, and compete against you on the 'journey to weight-loss' really does, sorta help when it comes to loosing weight. I've managed to loose 6 kilo's on the CS diet so far (: and though, I do admit that I am starting another fad/shake diet, yet again, I hope that it can also teach me enough of what I need to know about healthy eating, nutrition and exercise along the way, so that I can loose this weight (for the first time in my life) and manage to keep it off for good (:

I really hope to become an active member on these forums (: god knows I spend enough time on the internet as it is, and it'll be worthwhile, I think, to get to know a few of the people here and just generally be in a community where everyone's just trying to achieve the same thing xD these forums are huge! And I love that we're all just Aussie's as well x) no measurement conversions, no misspelling of words like colour and no having to deal with different timezones! Anyway, I've said enough now - best of luck to you all on your weight-loss journeys too (:
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