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Postby AnonGuy9999 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 12:16 pm

Hi there, I'm new to this forum and thought I'd say hello. You seem to be very nice and supportive on here, so thought I'd join. There are a lot of women on here, and is a little daunting from my perspective being a guy. I think guys and girls handle things very differently, someone even wrote a book on it, something to do with Martians from Mars and Women are from Venus, or something like that ;)

Let me explain why I'm here, and I must begin by saying that I am a little embarrassed about my weight situation. So I have decided enough is enough and to finally do something about it. I started my weight loss about 4 years ago now, I was 130kg's (6'4" tall, or 196cm) and I'm now 110kg's. Most people would be delighted with that, however, I was down to 105kg's Oct last year and got up to 117kg's. So I've been dirty on myself for letting all my hard work go to waste. But moreover I feel as though I haven't really committed to the weight loss, it seems to be incidental to improving my lifestyle and reducing the amount of take out dinners I was having.

Now, I want to seriously go back to my goal of 4 years ago, I want to get back to my "healthy" weight range, which according to many resources is between 77-96kg's. So obviously, I'm not aiming for 77, because I would look like a weedy guy, but if I could hit that magic 95kg mark, and if it isn't that hard, even hit 90kgs just to be on the safe side, I would be a happy man.

What am I doing that is so different to what I began 4 years ago? Well, I've started a food diary, and with the help of free nutrition sites, I've managed to work out my daily/weekly nutritional intake is. I started this on Monday the 16th and was somewhat surprised, let me share:

Protein: 851.1
Carbs: 3,096.5
Fat: 495.5
KJ: 87,783
Calories: 20,982

After doing some research I found that for dieting and for my weight specifically, it is recommended that my weekly intake be:
Protein: 798
Carbs: 1680
Fat: 175
KJ: 81746
Calories: 19558

The great thing here is, my KJ/Calorie and Protein intake is nearly spot on and I'm very happy with it, the downside is, I see where I need to do more work, Carbs and Fat are my biggest hurdles.

So i'm now determined to fight this weight issue with knowledge of what I've been doing wrong from a diet perspective, but also now start building up an exercies routine. I started with some crunches (doing 30 a day) and push ups (doing 15 a day). This week I introduced bicycle kicks and next week I'm going to start on elbows.

Why did I get obese to begin with? Easy one, being lazy, relying on take outs as the quick and easy way to have dinner. I also find that I get sabotaged easily, so I need to build up some resistances to temptations. I find this particularly difficult though, my wife does put a lot of pressure on me when it comes to treats and take out, but I've discovered that saying "I don't feel like that" or "I'm going to be good" or "No thank you" followed up with "If you want one, go ahead, please don't let me stop you." seems to be going well. But its a struggle.

I'm excited and determined at the moment, I just hope I can remember that in the coming weeks as it gets more difficult.

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Re: Hi...

Postby largemummy » Fri Nov 27, 2009 9:08 am

welome anonguy,
looks like you are starting to get yourself on track, you are doing great getting the crunches etc in but dont forget about strength training! my hubby lost 16kgś since sept 09, he did this with his free weights in the shed, ever second night he goes out there and works on the bench press and with dumbells, then every other night he goes out and does cardio! he has done a fantastic job so far i just wish i had his motivaion and time!
building lean muscle through weight training will help boost your metabolism and help with weight loss! also look for Dr Ron Laura matrix principles! i am currently doing sessions at my gym with Dr Ron Laura and the strength training done in his books are a killer on your muscles and the results are amazing just in 6 weeks!!!! Good LUck with it all!!!! :D
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Re: Hi...

Postby Miss Jo » Wed Dec 02, 2009 4:59 pm

welcome to the forum :D :D :D

and good luck with your journey!
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