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New to Weightloss Forum - Reductil User

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New to Weightloss Forum - Reductil User

Postby MummaHoz » Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:59 am

Hello everyone,

I started my weightloss journey in June 2009 when I found my dream wedding dress. At this particular point in time I was pushing 95kgs & at only 162cms this made me very overweight/obese.
I didn't actually realise it at the time but my BMI was above 33. When I sat down and spoke to my GP he explained to me I should aim to lose at least 20kgs, taking into account my natural curves, roughly 67kgs would be ideal.
He weighed me and I weighed in at 87kgs, on carpet might I add. So when I weighed myself on a digital set of scales on tiles I was 93kgs. This making my weightloss goal seem impossible. I needed to lose at least 25kgs.

Initially I cut out carbs & started to exercise more. With two kids and a partner it made cooking meals hell. I did stick with it, but found it only really made me feel less bloated.
So back to my GP. He told me to stick to it. More exercise. So thats what I did. Not result.
By October I was really down, I felt as if I was never going to shift this weight. I had 5 months until my wedding and I wanted my dress to look amazing on me. I actually ordered it a size smaller specifically because I planned on losing weight.
So I decided to go to my other GP (whom had been my family doctor for many years until I started seeing an OB when I fell pregnant).
He took into consideration the problems I was having. He done some tests on my Thyroid but everything was fine. So he suggested Reductil. Reductil was a weightloss pill I had never heard of until that day. Duromine was a pill a friend of mine was taking and she had success, so I was a little excited at the thought of having a kick start.

I started my first course of Reductil in Oct 2009, since then I have lost between 10-11kgs, depending on whose scales I use. My starting weight was 93kgs and I am now down to 82.9kgs.
In the first three days I suffered headaches, which I knew would happen because Im a chronic headache sufferer & the odd hot flush. They soon subsided. Now I really only suffer from insomnia & dry mouth with the occasional hot flush.
I get jittery some days, but I can deal with that. And it is generally after I do my 30-60mins exercise per day. I have cut my food intake in half, I drink more water than I ever had, no caffeine anymore.

I would recommend Reductil to those who have a get-up-and-go attitude & of course those who meet health requirements. I believe while taking Reductil you should make the most and form healthy habits regarding food intake, calorie control & exercise.
Ive heard people talk about piling the weight back on afterwards, but having been 93kgs I can safely say I have every intention on continuing these healthy habits I have formed after I finish taking Reductil.

Last month my GP upped my dosage to 15mg, I will continue to take Reductil until I reach my goal weight, provided my GP agrees to this. Then I will vow to see him at least once a month to make sure Im keeping my weight down and continuing with my healthy habits.

Each week I will pop on here and keep everyone updated with my weightloss. As it stands now there is only 4 weeks and 4 days until my big day. Im aiming to lose at least another 4kgs before then, I know how much difference 4kgs can make.

Until next week.


SW: 93kgs
GW: 65kgs.

Re: New to Weightloss Forum - Reductil User

Postby Sunkist » Fri Feb 05, 2010 5:59 pm

Hello mumma

I am also new to these forums, and have just started taking reductil.

Congrats on your big day comming up, bet your excited, but stressed at the same time. I know I was, remarried last year friday 13th feb.. lol yes, we chose that day, was perfect day , my wedding dress was designer and gorgeous, but huge, as I was my biggest then at 139kg. I had to get it specialy ordered overseas, saved me heaps of money that way though. I wish I was not so huge on my day though, but I did feel absolutely beautiful and confident in my wedding dress, and everyone was gushing over me in it. Only afterwards, when I saw the photos, did I realise exactly how big I had actualy gotten in so short a time.

Fingers crossed you have the perfect day on your wedding, wishing you best of luck.


Re: New to Weightloss Forum - Reductil User

Postby MummaHoz » Sat Feb 06, 2010 10:47 pm

Hi Carmen,

Thank you very much, just udner four weeks out now Im very excited, a little nervous but only because Im freaking out something won't go to plan haha. It's usually the way :)
Wow, well you would be surprised to know I had a friend who also married on Friday 13th, but this was last year in November. Im sure alot of couple would do the same, not superstitious at all :)

Well, my last weigh in was Monday, I was 700gms up, which is nothing to worry about really, I hadn't been well and skipped four days out of 7 with my Reductil and barely done a hint of exercise, so it was expected.
But this Monday Im expecting to have lost that 0.7kgs and a little more. 1kg weightloss per week is my goal until I hit the magic 67kg mark :)

Here is to hoping you have success with Reductil, I know it has worked wonders for me, and I have changed alot of bad habits since starting it in October. Ive lost roughly 10-11kgs so far, so fingers crossed Ill get out of this rut and continue the losses haha.

Good luck, keep me posted :)


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